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Bixpy J-1 Motor vs. J-2 Motor

Bixpy J-1 Motor vs. J-2 Motor

Bixpy J-2 Outboard Motor

Out with the old, and in with the new!

Bixpy has launched the new and improved J-2 Motor to replace the popular J-1 Motor. There are many improvements that Bixpy has implemented with the new motor. These changes can be seen in the product’s overall performance as well as by making watercraft adaptation faster and easier than ever before.

A few of the changes you will see with the J-2 motor are that there is no longer a connector on top, the motors internal board is sturdier and more robust, motor speeds are more linear, and the batteries put out a more consistent power bandwidth.

The following are the main changes between the J-1 and J-2 Motors:

  • No More Motor Connectors: The J-2 Motor has a 150cm wire that comes directly out of the motor with the standard attachment already in place. This will reduce the chances of any failed connections or water intrusions into the connectors.
  • Smarter Motors: The new J-2 motor will have a major improvement for your on-water experience. You will experience slower low speeds and faster high speeds and your middle speed will be extremely efficient.
  • Cleaner Power Band: No matter if your battery is drained, the new motor will now automatically adjust to provide you with consistent power. Your J-2 motor will continue to give you clean and consistent power output even as your battery wears down
  • Improved Materials: The all-new J-2 outboard motor has been created to make the motor more rigid while also lowering the chances of damage and keeping the Standard Attachment 4 hole pattern.
  • Bigger Batteries: The new PP-378 battery that comes with the J-2 Powershroud kit provides about 15% more power than its predecessor! Whether you purchase the battery in a kit or by itself, you will receive a longer range and see more water!
  • Cheaper Adapters: Bixpy is able to lower the cost of the adapters now that the Standard Attachment and wiring harness is part of the motor.

You can find all of the J-2 Outboard Motor Kits HERE

You can find all of the J-2 Adapters HERE

Common Concerns

Battery Compatibility: Both the older and newer model of the battery (PP-378 & PP-333) will be able to operate the J-1 and J-2 motor.

Adapter Compatibility: Some adapters have been modified with improvements and because of this, they will not be compatible with the J-1 Motor. The following adapters are compatible with both the J-1 and J-2 motors: Flat Surface Bracket, Flip & Lock Fin Adapter, Slide & Lock Fin, US Fin Adapter.

Any motor kit purchased from Eco Fishing Shop will receive a J-2 Motor with the correct adapter. J-1 Motors and adapters will no longer be available for purchase.

Pricing: The Outboard kits price has been increased by $100 now that the standard attachment and wiring harness is built into the motor. With that said, Bixpy is now able to lower the prices of individual attachments so you can have

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