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Eco Fishing Shop Pro Staff

Get to know Eco Fishing Shop's 2024 Pro Staff. Each Pro Staffer shares their key gear to their success on the water, how they got into kayak fishing and some of their kayak fishing highlights.

Mason Brock

"I love fishing Lake of the Ozarks, which is where I also live. I have won a few kayak events but my favorite is fishing out of the kayak against bass boaters in tournaments. Where I have been lucky enough to cash a few checks. I love the challenge out of the kayak, making yourself slow down and figure out the bite."

Mason's Favorite Gear:

  1. Garmin 93sv with LiveScope
  2. Old Town AutoPilot motor with Spotlock
  3. YakAttack Leverage Landing Net

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Lance Burris

"I have fished a lot of bodies of water but my favorite by far has been the Upper Mississippi River around LaCrosse, Wisconsin. I’ve fished my entire life from bass boats, but kayak fishing has become my favorite sport to compete in because it involves a much more detailed thought process of breaking down a body of water and physical requirements. I started fishing kayak tournaments in the fall of 2016 with a small local river club and now compete in national Bassmaster events all over the country."

Lance's Favorite Gear:

  1. Power-Pole Micro Anchor
  2. YakAttack RotoGrip Paddle Holder
  3. Robohawk Tethers

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Matthew Carey

"I am a tournament kayak angler who has a strong passion for the sport. I am currently the youngest Queen City Kayak Bass Fishing angler and soon to be the second youngest (to my knowledge) to ever fish a Hobie BOS. My home lake is lake Norman NC. My main goal is to grow the sport."

Matthew's Favorite Gear:

  1. Garmin 93sv with LiveScope
  2. Power-Pole Micro Anchor
  3. Railblaza Visiability Kit

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Tyler Cokley

"I'm an Ozark smallmouth junkie. Last year was my first full year of kayak tournament fishing and I won a couple of the MOYAK river series, including MOYAK river series angler of the year. Looking to dial in on the lakes this season and get some wins on the lake side of things."

Tyler's Favorite Gear:

  1. MotorGuide Xi3
  2. NRS Chinook PFD
  3. Yak Power Complete System

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Matt Collins

"I love to fish tournaments and for fun. I’m an Army helicopter pilot and former green beret. I fish all across the country and am currently based out of Colorado. Some of my favorite highlights so far include: 2022 Colorado Kayak Fishing Club (CKFC) Rookie of the Year, 2023 CKFC Angler of the Year, 2024 Old Town Pro Staff."

Matt's Favorite Gear:

  1. BlackPack Pro with ShortStack
  2. Kayak Kushions
  3. Dynamic Dolly Cart

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Jeff Craven

"Born and raised in Oklahoma, I spent my youth fishing rivers and lakes with my father. A recent family move to the beautiful Ozarks in Missouri has rekindled my love of fishing and kayaking. As a self-proclaimed 'river rat', I can be found fishing my two primary spots most often: the James river and Finley creek."

Jeff's Favorite Gear:

  1. Wilderness Systems Heavy Duty Kayak Cart
  2. YakAttack 10Ah Battery
  3. YakAttack Vertical Tie-downs

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Troy Enke

"Three-time Missouri State Champion (MoYak, KBF, KAMO) and Two-time Sportsman of the Year (MoYak, AAKS). Kayak fishing is my way to unplug from technology while enjoying competition and camaraderie with my fellow Bass chasing friends. My favorite place to fish is anywhere on the White River chain."

Troy's Favorite Gear:

  1. MotorGuide Xi3 with Spot Lock
  2. Whopper Plopper
  3. Bladed Jigs

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Matt Flanagan

"My favorite place to fish is Keith Sebelius Lake in western Kansas. My favorite thing about fishing is figuring out the puzzle, and all the variables for where the fish might be any given day. I was obsessed with bass fishing when I was just fishing from the bank, but once I discovered kayak fishing my obsession grew tenfold. Even though I did win a tournament at Red Willow, NE, my favorite tournament ever was the Colorado Kayak Bassmasters 2023 State Championship where I took second place and qualified for the Bassmaster Kayak Series National Championship."

Matt's Favorite Gear:

  1. YakAttack BoomStick Pro
  2. YakAttack VisiCarbon Pro
  3. Kayak Kushion

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Stony Floyd

"My favorite tournament was St Clair because it was a new lake to me and I caught 3 smallmouth over 20”! I probably enjoy throwing a spinner bait the most but flipping a jig is a real close second."

Stony's Favorite Gear:

  1. MotorGuide Xi3 with Spot Lock
  2. Garmin Fish Finder
  3. YakAttack BlackPak Pro

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Aaron Gardner

"My favorite place to fish is the Gasconade River. I love kayaking because it has allowed me to travel more. I saw more new lakes in 2023 alone than I had my entire life. It relaxes me to be out on the water just putting around and enjoying Gods creation. My most memorable tournament I didn’t win, but came in second. It was a KAMO tourney at Wappapello. I had a 20+ in the boat almost immediately that morning. 10 yards down, boom another 20+, but I didn’t set up properly to measure the fish. She was on the board and right before I snapped the picture, she flopped across my lap and over the side she went. I was sick and it ended up costing me. I had a good limit but lost first place by an inch instead of winning by 7+. I was truly humbled that day and now I never take for granted using a little extra time to make sure things like that don't happen."

Aaron's Favorite Gear:

  1. MinnKota with SpotLock
  2. YakAttack BlackPak Pro
  3. Power-Pole Micro Anchor

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Jacob Heppner

"I've been kayaking for what seems like forever. I love hitting small waters and rivers, especially to chase Ozark smallmouth. It's my true passion. You'll find me competing in local river tournaments and the BASS kayak series as I qualified for the championship in 2024. My favorite accomplishment thus far is winning the KBF Illinois Challenge Championship in 2021 against a pretty stacked group of competitors."

Jacob's Favorite Gear:

  1. Boonedox Landing Gear
  2. YakAttack BlackPak Pro
  3. Yak Hobby Transducer Mount

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Jon House

"I have two favorite lakes to fish on. Tthe first is my home Lake Norman, but my second favorite is Lake Keowee. I really strive in clear water. I enjoy kayak fishing because it’s my getaway from my normal life. Kayak fishing allows me to reset and relax a bit. My best event was last August on Lake Norman. It was one of those tournaments where everything went right and I was around fish all day. I managed to beat the entire field by 10” on a bright sunny day in 90+ degrees."

Jon's Favorite Gear:

  1. Garmin Electronics
  2. Dobyns Rods
  3. ANY swim bait!

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Marty Hughes

"My passion for kayak fishing started around 26 years ago after taking a kayak out for some exercise. I noticed some fish around me and they were not spooked at all. I brought out a fishing rod on my next trip. After the first tug I was hooked for life! I've been guiding kayak fishing trips for about 20 years and love to compete in tournaments nationwide as well with my favorite place to fish being Caddo Lake in Louisiana. There is nothing like being one with the water."

Marty's Favorite Gear:

  1. BlackPack Pro
  2. Robohawk Tethers
  3. My Fishing Pliers

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John Hutson

"I have been fishing from a kayak for three years now and doing tournaments from the beginning. I feel like when I am in my kayak I become a part of the natural environment. I blend in, and because of that I have caught my PB and topped it many times since. I have won “Big Bass” honors 6 times in tournaments. In a boat, big bass see you as a threat, but in a kayak that threat is minimal or nonexistent."

John's Favorite Gear:

  1. MinnKota with SpotLock
  2. YakAttack Power Distribution Hub
  3. Bixpy Motor (for Hobie)

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Danny Johnson

"My favorite lake to be on is Lake of the Ozarks. I love the peace of and quiet of kayak fishing. My personal best is a 21.50 largemouth."

Danny's Favorite Gear:

  1. Sasquatch Design Triple Track
  2. Garmin LiveScope
  3. One Objective Cup Caddy

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Stacy Jordan

"I've been fishing tournaments going on my 5th year. I won sportsman of the year in WMKFL 2 years ago - a big honor. My favorite lakes are Stockton in Missouri (I live on it!), Lake of the Ozarks and Table Rock. I had five 2nd place finishes in 2023. I would say my favorite tournaments are Eco Big Bass 250 or Bushwacker Lake WMKFL."

Stacy's Favorite Gear:

  1. MotorGuide Xi3
  2. YakAttack TrackPak Combo Kit
  3. Garmin Echomap

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Josh Keatts

"God, family, business and kayak fishing! I fell in love with kayak fishing as a way to disconnect from the business of "real life." Now I do it because I love to compete and grow in my knowledge and experiences with friends that I have met through this hobby. You can probably find me fishing around the Ozark's on one of our beautiful lakes or a skinny water creek/river."

Josh's Favorite Gear:

  1. MotorGuide Xi3
  2. YakAttack VisiCarbon Pro
  3. Dakota 135Ah Lithium Battery

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Geoffrey Linson

"My favorite place to fish is hands down the Columbia river. I love kayak fishing because I can fish lakes that don’t allow boats and get into those hard-to-reach areas. My favorite catch would have to be my personal best smallie that came winter fishing in February. That fish was 20.75” and 5.2lbs."

Geoffrey's Favorite Gear:

  1. BlackPack Pro
  2. Lowrance HDS Live
  3. Railblaza Camera Boom

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Hunter Maddox

"My favorite places to fish are Lake Wappapello, Lake of the Ozarks, and Bull Shoals. My biggest fish ever caught in a tournament is a 20.25", it was one of the craziest fish catches I have ever had. I was a recent highschool angler and I'm working my way to be a MLF/B.A.S.S professional angler."

Hunter's Favorite Gear:

  1. YakAttack Rod Holder
  2. Fish Rope
  3. Inflatable PFD

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Emily Motzkus

"I started tournament fishing in 2023 and my favorite place to fish is Lake of the Ozarks! I love spending time on the water and catching fish with my husband in my Coosa X!"

Emily's Favorite Gear:

  1. Newport NK180
  2. NRS Shenook PFD
  3. Jackson JKrate

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Trevor Motzkus

"I started tournament kayak fishing in 2022, and my favorite lake to fish is Table Rock! I love spending time on the water with my wife chasing after big smallmouth! My biggest accomplishments tournament fishing so far are being awarded the MOYAK Rookie of the Year for 2022 and being selected to the Jackson Kayak and Eco Fishing Shop Teams!"

Trevor's Favorite Gear:

  1. MotorGuide Xi3
  2. YakAttack Leverage Landing Net
  3. BlackPack Pro

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Brandon Prince

"I grew up pond hopping and wading the creeks around Anderson, MO. Fished my first lake in 2019 at the KBF Championship on Caddo Lake after qualifying at the River Bassin Championship. Big accomplishment is qualifying for Hobie Worlds!"

Brandon's Favorite Gear:

  1. Garmin 106sv
  2. Torqeedo 1103AC
  3. BlackPack Pro

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Ryan Reed

"I love fishing the Ozarks rivers and also competing across the country on new bodies of water to really push myself. My favorite thing about kayak fishing is the community that can be found among fellow anglers. My bucket list fish from a kayak is a tarpon."

Ryan's Favorite Gear:

  1. YakAttack VisiCarbon Pro
  2. Old Town AutoPilot motor with Spotlock
  3. Railblaza Camera Boom

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Garrett Reid

"I am a river rat from central Missouri. Primarily grew up chasing smallmouth in streams and branched out to fishing lakes for other fish. Traveling across the state or states for tournaments, camping with friends, and the comradery is what keeps me coming back. I wouldn't trade my fishing family for anything."

Garrett's Favorite Gear:

  1. Garmin 93sv UHD
  2. Power-Pole Miro Anchor
  3. Jackson under seat storage

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Todd Segraves

"I love all types of fishing, but kayak fishing for bass is my favorite. My favorite place to kayak fish is Caddo Lake, on the Texas/Louisiana border. The best part of kayak fishing tournaments is the camaraderie."

Todd's Favorite Gear:

  1. BlackPack Pro
  2. Wilderness Systems Heavy Duty Kayak Cart
  3. NRS Chinook PFD

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Mike Tichenor

"I was practically born into a life of fishing. While my parents were on a camping trip on the James River, my mother went into labor with me and had to leave for the hospital. Since then I have spent countless hours on the water – a half dozen trips to Alaska, Canada, and a couple trips a year to Florida to my in-laws doing inshore fishing for Reds in a kayak. I love the simplicity of kayak fishing – no gas needed, can be launched practically anywhere and with the addition of my MotorGuide I am able to easily cover a lot of water."

Mike's Favorite Gear:

  1. MotorGuide Xi3
  2. YakAttack Leverage Landing Net
  3. NRS Chinook PFD

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Jordan Westerman

"My favorite place to fish is Northern Wisconsin there’s a lifetime worth of lakes to explore up north."

Jordan's Favorite Gear:

  1. Garmin with LiveScope
  2. MotorGuide Xi3
  3. YakAttack ParkNPole

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Sam Young

"I’m a huge fan of living in the Ozarks since we have so many awesome fisheries to choose from! I’ve been fishing from a kayak for 6 years and even though I own a bass boat, kayak fishing is my favorite kind of fishing! I also really enjoy the comradery of the kayak community as everyone I’ve met have always been friendly and willing to help in tough situations."

Sam's Favorite Gear:

  1. YakAttack Leverage Landing Net
  2. YakAttack DoubleHeader
  3. Hummingbird Helix 7 Fish Finder

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