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BOTE Zeppelin: Where Air & Water Collide

BOTE Zeppelin: Where Air & Water Collide

BOTE Zeppelin: Where Air & Water Collide

Two things may come to mind when you hear the word Zeppelin: Rigid airships that dominated the skies in the early 1900s – until the Hindenburg disaster – or one of the most revered hard rock bands of all time. Now, there should be a third. Like the legendary rock band Led Zeppelin, the BOTE Zeppelin is an inflatable kayak built to transcend its industry.

Indestructible Design

When considering an inflatable kayak, you may hesitate due to concerns of durability. Understandable, but not warranted. Using their patented construction technology, BOTE offers unrivaled rigidity in their inflatable kayaks and boards.

Highlighted by military-grade PVC, the BOTE Zeppelin’s skin is virtually indestructible. Inside, the Zeppelin has tens of thousands of composite drop-stitch fibers that become taut when under pressure to create a rigid platform.

Aero Tech

On top, the deck pad is heat sealed to shed water and provide cushion to reduce fatigue and provide anti-slip traction. Crafted to take on all water and weather conditions, you can tackle any adventure with peace-of-mind.

Aero Deck

Inflatable Kayak Loaded With Features

Beyond its durability, the BOTE Zeppelin is capable of packing on lots of accessories and features to fit any adventurer's quest.

Waterproof Travel Bag

If you’re looking to go Over the Hills and Far Away, all of BOTE’s inflatables include a rip-stop nylon waterproof travel bag to carry your board, kayak, and paddle. Best part of these bags? They can be checked as luggage on flights.

Should you become a Fool in the Rain or you are taking on choppy waters, the self-draining cockpit keeps your kayak free of water.

BOTE Travel Bag

Tandem Seat Compatible

Have a family or a partner? No problem. The BOTE Zeppelin is tandem compatible by adding an extra Aero Paddle seat to help you avoid any Communication Breakdown with those closest to you. With a high capacity of 600 lbs, the BOTE Zeppelin is ready to handle two riders and the necessary gear for all your kayaking trips.

BOTE Zeppelin Tandem Seating

Other Key Features of the BOTE Zeppelin Include:

  • Elevated Aero Paddle seats to keep you high and dry
  • Brand new Magnepod – magnetic system to secure beverages
  • Slide-in rac receivers – get on the water quick with your favorite accessories
  • Bucket rac compatible
  • Redesigned grab handles – no more numb fingers or weak leverage
  • Bungie system provides quick and easy storage of gear
  • Tie-down points on the deck for a cooler or extra gear
  • Inflate/deflate port compatible with high-pressure pumps
  • Multiple accessory mounting points allow any ¼:20 attachment
BOTE Zeppelin Features

Who is the BOTE Zeppelin Built For?

In short, adventurers looking for a combination of durability, adaptability, and portability. If you find yourself traveling a lot, the BOTE Zeppelin makes long trips, including flights, much easier and without added transport gear.

While inflatable kayaks may not have all of the features of a traditional fishing kayak, the BOTE Zeppelin packs more than enough features for the person who loves to venture to new locations and new waters. Whether it be kayak fishing, casual rides, or tandem rides, the BOTE Zeppelin suits everyone.

Shop the BOTE Zeppelin and BOTE Accessories

If you are considering a fishing kayak but don't want to deal with all the added hassle of transporting and storage space, the BOTE Zeppelin is a great choice for you. Easily inflated and deflated, but durable enough to handle most water conditions, you can explore more waters than ever before. Never leave your kayak behind and explore the world with the BOTE Zeppelin.

Now is the time, the time is now, to get your BOTE Zeppelin and Ramble On.

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