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Fishing Kayaks: Big catches, Beautiful Sunsets & Cherished Moments

Fishing Kayaks: Big catches, Beautiful Sunsets & Cherished Moments

Fishing Kayaks Across the United States

It's no secret that any company is built by its customers. Any and every business lives and dies by its customers. Eco Fishing Shop was founded to bridge the gap in accessibility to premier fishing kayaks. Some of the best angling spots in America are in areas that are hard to reach. We wanted to help everyone have access to the fishing kayak they wanted and not be hampered by where they choose to call home.

We've worked hard building a reputation of great customer service. Shipping a fishing kayak is not easy, and we are proud to be one of the few companies in the United States to do so. Still, the best companies don't sell a product or service and then forget about their customers. We've seen our customer base, and the sport, expand in the past year. We want to be more than where you get your kayak, we want to be where you go for all of your answers. It's why we created a member-driven community to share tips, tricks and ask questions in the the Kayak Anglers Resource.

And yet, beyond all of our efforts to be a one-stop shop for kayak anglers, it is still you who drives the sport. We asked our customers to share their favorite pictures so far in 2023, and we were not disappointed. Big catches, moments with family, and beautiful scenery highlight the best moments of 2023. Thank you for sharing!

Don't Forget about These Great Resources

We love seeing how people build out their kayaks, where they take them and definitely their biggest catches. The best way to grow our sport is to keep talking and sharing. As much as we love to help answer questions, sometimes it is best to hear it from fellow angler and customers. Here are a few resources to keep you learning and evolving your skills:

Never stop seeking and sharing information. We all start somewhere and sometimes the learning curve is steep.

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