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Hooked! The Kayak Anglers Resource

Hooked! The Kayak Anglers Resource

Building a Community of Kayak Anglers

Are you tired of searching YouTube endlessly for a "How-To" video for your fishing kayak? Have you posted a question to an old forum or customer service that never gets answered? Are you wanting to customize your fishing kayak with a mod and you need help or suggestions from people who have done it before?

Fishing kayaks are a ton of fun, but they can have a huge learning curve whether you are a beginner or an experienced anglers. Eco Fishing Shop wants to be more than a place that just sells you products. We want to build a community of anglers who share their collective knowledge to grow the sport.

To do that, we've launched Hooked! The Kayak Anglers Resource, sponsored by Eco Fishing Shop. Hooked is both a podcast and a forum and both are centered around you. The podcast focuses on questions submitted by viewers, customer experiences, industry news and tips for kayak angling. The forum is completely driven by you – The topics, discussions, and content are all created by members, not Eco Fishing Shop. Joining is as simple as signing up with your email or logging in with your current Facebook account. Both options are seamless.

Why should you tune in to the podcast or join the forum when things like Facebook and other social media apps already exist? Our Community Manager, Justin McClanahan, discusses the advantages of a forum vs. social media with podcast hosts Travis Randall and Jonathan Dominguez.

Some of the biggest advantages of a forum include:

  • Discussions stay on topic and tend to filter out the "negative pile-on" effect of social media
  • When you create a topic it has its own dedicated page rather than being buried by an algorithm you have no control over
  • Topics are easier to return to allowing you to dive deep in the discussion rather than it being lost to the ether
  • When you engage with other community members, you know you are talking with other passionate kayak anglers and not someone who stumbled on the post by accident
  • Eco Fishing Shop moderates the forum, but they don't control the content, YOU do

Can't find the answer you're looking for on YouTube or the Kayak Anglers Resource forum?

No problem. Podcast hosts Jonathan and Travis will take your question(s) and find an answer. The podcast is based out of Eco Fishing Shop's storefront location in Camdenton, Missouri. With years of personal experience and access to kayaks and gear, Travis and Jonathan can troubleshoot just about any question to help you find a solution.

Jumping in to a new community can seem daunting or cumbersome when social media apps are already at the ready and engrained in our daily routine. If you are looking for more valuable content and answers, however, casting your line in on a forum designed for kayak anglers is worth your effort.

Great Member Discussions to You Started

To check out ALL of the discussions or start your own, join HERE.

Where Can I Find the Hooked! Podcast?

Kayak angling is a growing sport with many advantages and as many  difficulties. Starting any new journey is difficult alone, kayak fishing is no exception. Join a community of anglers like you and learn from real people with real experience. Now with a podcast, community forum and top-rated customer service, Eco Fishing Shop aims to be your one-stop shop from the day of your purchase through your entire kayak experience.

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