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How to Install a Beaver Tail Rudder Kit

How to Install a Beaver Tail Rudder Kit

Feelfree and 3 Waters Beaver Tail Rudder Installation

Fishing kayaks are a constant work of art. Once you get your hands on one you are constantly changing, upgrading and reorganizing your gear and accessories. What isn't always clear is how to install an accessory. Drilling in to your kayak or altering it in any way can be intimidating to many, especially when clear instructions are not always provided.

The Beaver Tail rudder system provides the ultimate paddling experience when you find yourself on the water on a windy day or in waters with strong currents. If you own a 3 Waters kayak (applies to all Big Fish models) or a Feelfree kayak and want to install the Beaver Tail Rudder, we will walk you through the process in the video below.

How to Install a Beaver Tail Rudder Kit

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Join other kayak anglers talking about all things kayaks in our online community, the Kayak Anglers Resource. If you want to discuss this installation in more detail, check out our videos and instruction section dedicated entirely to 3 Waters, Feelfree and Seastream kayaks.

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