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Portable Kayak Guide

Portable Kayak Guide

Foldable vs. Inflatable vs. Modular Kayaks

It’s clear that we all want to get out on the water faster, so why not do it with a portable kayak? Portable kayaks are the perfect way to spend less time getting ready to have fun and more time actually doing it! Three options for speeding up your outdoor process are a foldable, inflatable, or modular kayak. All of these options are great choices depending on what you are looking for. Oru Kayak has created an origami-like kayak that folds right into a bag that you can carry anywhere. Advanced Elements has perfected the durability and style of an inflatable kayak needing just a pump to make your way to your next adventure. Lastly, Point 65 Sweden innovated a Snap-Tap technology that allows you to take apart your kayak in sections for an easier process all around. Find out which kayak is right for you!

Portable Kayak Guide

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