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Garrett Reid Pro Staff Store


Since 2020, Garrett has been killing it out on the water! He ranked #1 in ORATT and has competed in several other tournaments where he placed in the top 5. Garrett started off kayak fishing in smaller club style tournaments, but it wasn't long until he went statewide and next thing you know, regional tournaments! Garrett is a big fan of fishing in the Gasconade River. From the large amount of public access to the quality of fish, the Gasconade River gets ranked his favorite fishing spot in Missouri.

If you are like Garrett and enjoy fishing on rivers, check out his go-to items for being a top angler on our EFS Pro Staff Team.

Garrett Reid

Garrett's Accessories

When is comes to accessories, Garrett always preaches that wearing a PFD out on the water is most important. He says getting yourself a quality PFD is worth the money with how much time you spend wearing it. Another plus to a great PFD is the convenience of the pockets. You can take advantage of them for quick access to the tools you may need on the fly! Garret also recommends a quality fish finder, especially when you're exploring new bodies of water, as well as a solid pair of sunglasses.

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