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Bixpy K-1 Outboard Kit

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2024 Bixpy K-1 Motor Outboard Kit

Bixpy K-1 - Powerful, Portable Marine Propulsion

The World’s smallest, most advanced, modular water propulsion system for paddling, kayaking & more! The BRAND NEW Bixpy K-1 Motor will allow you to motorize almost any personal or small watercraft, giving you extended range, allowing you to fight the elements, and getting you home faster and more safely from a long day on the water.

The K-1 Motor is roughly 20% shorter in length than its predecessor, the J-2 Motor, yet offers the same massive output the J-2 motors provided in a quieter, more sleek, and more rugged aluminum housing. The K-1 Motor is equipped with a highly efficient and finely tuned brushless motor for optimal performance when paired with its NASA-inspired propeller, the Bixpy PowerShroud™ and finely tuned Bixpy Batteries.

The K-1 Motor is offered along with more than 20 different mounting adapters from Bixpy to allow for plug-and-play installation of the motor on hundreds of existing kayaks, paddle boards, and other small personal watercraft. The K-1 Outboard kit includes the BRAND NEW PP-378 V4 Battery!

The new K-1 Motor is NOT compatible with the following J2 adapters: Low Profile, DIY POD Adapter, BOTE Apex, and Universal Rudder. These adapters are available to purchase with K-1 compatibility.

2023 Bixpy K-1 Motor Outboard Kit
2023 Bixpy K-1 Motor Outboard Kit

K-1 Motor Outboard Kit Specs & Features

  • Rugged anodized aluminum body
  • Reduce length (18% shorter than the J-2 motors)
  • Although top end speed is similarly to the J-2, speed transition and user feel is dramatically improved
  • Compatible with all previous batteries
  • Quieter than ever before
  • Improved connector nuts
  • Improved housing materials all around
  • More rugged electronics that perform better if jammed or abused
  • Improved steering as a result of a built-in fin
  • Quick motor release to allow for quick removal of motor from adapters
  • Backwards compatible with most of the J-2 Adapters with no modifications needed
  • Smarter controller boards that check for motor health before running to prevent battery damage
  • Bluetooth capable remotes - Allows for future upgrades
  • Warp Speed - get from 0 to full speed with a double click
  • Faster and smoother speed changes on the remote

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Matt Armbruster
K1 Outboard kit

I love the K1 kit I bought from Eco fishing. I have a Sportsman pdl120 and the installation was very easy. I really like the total weight of the system, less than 10 lbs! I have seen other kayaks that have heavier systems and are stern heavy. I can carry an extra battery and the total weight is about 18 lbs. One battery will last me about 6-8 hours on the water. Great customer service at Eco fishing as well.

Richard Sandoval
Bixpy K-1 outboard kit

This motor is the juice. Super compact but pacts a punch. 6 hours of fishing and only used 2 of the 6 bars of battery life. Was able to reach 3.3 to 3.5 mph on my own. I also shuttled my buddy around who didn’t have a motor on his yak, and reached 2.5 mph while doing that. Together our total weight had to be around 400lbs but the Bixpy handle it like a champ, highly recommend!

Bixpy Universal Rudder Adapter

easy to set up works great