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Beaver Tail Rudder Kit

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FeelFree/ 3 Waters Beaver Tail Rudder Kit

Take control of your kayak's tracking and improve your paddling efficiency with the “Beaver Tail" Rudder Kit. The oversized rudder blade’s action is controlled with your feet leaving your hands free for paddling. The Beaver Tail rudder system provides the ultimate paddling experience when you find yourself on the water on a windy day or in waters with strong currents. Comes complete with rudder, toe control foot pegs, instructions and hardware. Requires tools for install.

Lure OD Ready is compatible with the following FeelFree kayaks: Lure 11.5 OD, Lure 13.5 OD, and Lure II Tandem OD

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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Beaver tail rudder

I installed this on my Moken 12.5 before heading to Florida for the month of February to fish in the mangroves. It was a fairly straightforward install. Good help on YouTube. Would like to see it work with the 8 ball system but need a different kayak for that. I would install again.

Dan Childs
Beaver Tail Rudder- FeelFree Moken 12.5

This was my Wives Christmas present and we have not gotten her out on the water with it. But, I love the ease of installing it! I also love the way the pedals are designed into the foot rests! I think she will love the ease of using the rudder in conjunction with Xi3.

Tracy Matula
Beaver tail rudder

The beaver tail rudder makes all the difference on my fishing kayak, would not live without one now.

Feel Free LURE II Tandem Kayak (Rudder)

Beaver Tail Rudder Kit with a rating scale of 1-5 (5 being the best): INSTALLATION- I installed the Beaver Tail Rudder on my Feel Free LURE II Tandem Kayak. The installation was easy enough. I would suggest that Feel Free send a box of Crayons with the instructions, they are not very useful. I bet 9 out 10 people don’t even look at the instructions. Who needs instruction anyway. INSTALLATION gets rated a 5 out of 5/Excellent. Next is MANEUVERABILITY: The Beaver Tail Rudder on a Feel Free LURE II Tandem Kayak is not an option. I wish the rudder was a little bigger for the LURE II as I noticed that I was pushing full left or full right rudder to maneuver but it is still something that I have to have to maneuver the LURE II around the dock and trees (Yes; Trees in the water). I didn’t mark down the size of the Rudder because it probably preforms awesome on the single seat Kayak’s. MANEUVERABILITY gets a 4.5 out of 5/Excellent. Overall I guess I would rate the Beaver Tail Rudder a 4.8/Excellent for installation and maneuverability.

Easy install

Installation was easy. Unfortunately haven't had a chance to get out yet.