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Feelfree Stand Up Bar

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FeelFree Stand Assist Bar

The Feelfree Stand Assist Bar installs easily on both the Feelfree Lure and Moken models! The Stand Assist Bar features adjustable height position, padded lean area, paddle keeper and an extra strong Uni-Track nut attachment. Bar may be deployed flat for transport then quickly raised and attached to the Uni-Track rails for bombproof standing assistance. Constructed of lightweight yet strong materials, the Stand Assist Bar will withstand years on the water. Give yourself the extra support you need when fighting that big one, or simply use to make standing easier. *Please note: bar is not compatible with the Moken 10 Lite.

Customer Reviews

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Feel Free Stand Assist Bar (Feel Free LURE II Tandem Kayak)

Feel Free Stand Assist Bar with a rating scale of 1-5 (5 being the best): INSTALLATION- I installed the Feel Free Stand Assist Bar on my Feel Free LURE II Tandem Kayak. The installation was easy enough. The instruction are not written for a LURE II but the installation is straight forward. INSTALLATION gets rated a 5 out of 5/Excellent. QUALITY-The Quality of the Stand Assist Bar is very good. So QUALITY gets rated a 5 out of 5/Excellent. STABILITY: The Feel Free Stand Assist Bar on a Feel Free LURE II Tandem Kayak is not a good option for me. I installed Stand Assist Bar in the front for my wife. The Stand Assist Bar does not fold down easily. My was unable to lower the Bar so we could paddle. So we have to leave it deployed during our outing. It is cumbersome to say the least. I purchased the Stand Assist Bar without thinking about how it would fit into our fishing mission. I thought it would give my wife stability while she was standing up to fish. After our first outing my wife asked that I remove the Stand Assist Bar. The Free Feel LURE II Tandem Kayak is stable enough without the Stand Assist Bar. One of my concerns was if my wife fell overboard, she would grab the Stand Assist Bar and flip the boat. With the boat flipped I would not be in any condition to help her. If she just fell overboard, I would be in a better condition to help her. So just wear your personal protective flotation device. My observation is the Stand Assist Bar just doesn’t add stability to our boat. STABILITY: gets a 2.5 out of 5/Satisfactory. I guess the Stand Assist Bar does what it says it will do, assist you to stand. That's it.