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YakAttack 13x16 ShortStak Upgrade Kit for BlackPak Pro

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13x16 ShortStak Upgrade Kit for BlackPak Pro

Following the release of the reimagined BlackPak Pro, it has been clear that for many anglers, bigger is better. With that concept in mind, our design team began working on solutions to increase the usable space, inside and outside, of the BlackPak Pro. The resulting product does all of that, and will come in three different sizes to fit all three BlackPak Pro models. Please note, this is not a stand-alone box and requires the use of a BlackPak Pro.

The ShortStak Upgrade Kit is a stackable box that replaces the lid of a new or existing BlackPak Pro, giving you a second layer of storage for quick access go-to items. Its construction is virtually the same as the BlackPak Pro, however, it is only about 40% of the original height. The bottom edge of the ShortStak side panels is angled to match the geometry of the BlackPak opening, giving you the same water-shedding fit as the original lid.

Why would you need a ShortStak addition to your BlackPak Pro? Aside from the obvious, more space for more gear, the possibilities are numerous depending on your style of fishing. If you are like most anglers, your BlackPak Pro is loaded with anything and everything you might need for a day on the water. Sometimes, gear in the bottom of the BlackPak can be difficult to reach from the high-seated position of most modern-day fishing kayaks. Having the ability to build additional space, and gain quick and easy access to your most needed items is vital for anyone who believes in optimizing their efficiency on the water to increase their chances of success. Another scenario would be anyone using electronics and housing their batteries, live scope black box, and excess cables inside of their BlackPak Pro. Regaining that lost storage space is an upgrade that would prove it's worth on every adventure.

The design of the ShortStak inherits many of the same features found on the BlackPak Pro. From lightweight injection molded parts and tongue and groove assembly, to the GridLoc mounting platform found inside and outside the crate, making it obvious they were made for each other. An addition of heavy-duty hinges and support straps were critical to restrict any overtravel of the larger top compartment to prevent damage to your BlackPak. Overall, the length and width dimensions of the ShortStak will match the corresponding BlackPak. The interior depth of the ShortStak will be 4.25 inches across all three sizes.

The ShortStak features the same GridLoc 2D mounting platform as the BlackPak Pro which offers molded screw bosses giving you the ability to attach accessories inside and outside of the panels. Accessories including the GridLoc MightyMounts and MightyMount XL, Through Hull Wiring Kits, TracPaks, and more.

13x16 ShortStak Upgrade Kit for BlackPak Pro

13x16 ShortStak Upgrade Kit Specs

  • Height: 16.25
  • Width: 14.25
  • Depth: 4.75
  • Internal dimensions (L, W, H): 11.9” x 14.9” x 4.25”
  • Weight: 3.6 lbs
  • Construction: Injection-molded from UV stabilized polymers, the ShortStak will last for many years, even in harsh marine environments. The ultra-stiff panels utilize a rib structure that offers exceptional rigidity with minimal weight, while their interlocking joints ensure an intuitive, frustration-free assembly process. Interlocking GridLoc panels utilize a tongue and groove edge design to make assembly a breeze. Just press them together (they won’t fall apart during assembly) and install the (included) stainless steel screws using a simple screwdriver.
  • Included: You will receive four ShortStak Side Panels, one Bottom Panel, four rubber ShortStak Bumpers, one pair of hinges, one pair of ShortStak Catches, one pair of Latches, one pair of straps, and all of the stainless steel hardware needed for the assembly. As an upgrade kit for the BlackPak Pro, the ShortStak does not include a lid.

13x16 ShortStak Upgrade Kit Features

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Customer Reviews

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Theron Lewis
Fantastic upgrade

Shortstak is a perfect upgrade to the Blackpack. Allows me to store my plastics or other quick access items.