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YakAttack BlackPak Pro Kayak Fishing Crate - 16" x 16"

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BlackPak Pro Kayak Fishing Crate - 16" x 16"

The original hard-sided kayak crate just got better. A lot better. Introducing the completely redesigned BlackPak Pro.

The result of intense collaboration and more than a year of R&D and design, the BlackPak Pro is fully riggable and boasts a hinged lid, 25% weight reduction, and best-in-class functionality. Enhancements include many things you might have expected, as well as some true-to-the-brand features that no one saw coming.

The all New BlacPak Pro is optimized for a wide variety of tackle boxes, including Plano 3700, Plano Edge, Bass Mafia Bait Coffin, Flambeau, and many more.

YakAttack BlackPak Pro Kayak Fishing Crate - 16 x 16

YakAttack BlackPak Pro Specs & Features

  • 6 Rod Holders with built-in rod leashes
  • Optimized for 3700 sized tackle boxes
  • Holds seven 3700 boxes with extra room on top for more
  • Hinged lid with secure latches
  • New lightweight construction
  • GridLoc Mounting Platform located on every panel
  • Rubberized feet and built in noise dampening features
  • When measuring your kayak's tankwell add 2.75" for every side you intend to attach TetherTubes
  • Build for use in harsh marine conditions
  • Includes stainless steel hardware
  • Internal Dimensions: 14.9”L x 14.9”W x 11.75”H
  • External dimensions: 15.94”L x 15.94”W x 13.3”H
  • Weight: 9.1 lbs. w/o TetherTubes | 11.5 lbs. w/ included four TetherTubes

YakAttack BlackPak Pro Features


The BLP-PRO-16X16 is 16” x 16” x 13” (L,W,H) and weighs in at 9.1 lbs. without TetherTubes and 11.5 lbs. with the included six TetherTubes. The BlackPak Pro also comes in two other sizes, 13” x 13” and a 13” x 16”.

Tankwell Security

Rubber feet offer noise dampening and isolation, while Omni corner brackets enable multiple hold-down methods. They are designed as attachment points for YakAttack OmniHooks (four of which are included), generic hooks, carabiners, or simple bungee.


The key to customizing and accessorizing the BlackPak Pro lies in the highly revolutionary GridLoc 2D mounting system, which offers a plethora of attachment points on the inside and outside of the panels. This gives our design team a platform for which they can design a myriad of dividers, holders, and other attachments. Development of these accessories is already underway!

Hinged Lid

The water shedding lid with fully adjustable hinges allows you to go from freely pivoting to a sticky setting that maintains the lid position when you let go of it, while integrated overtravel stops keep the lid within reach and limit it to a manageable angle. Sound dampening rubber bumpers ensure quiet closing of the lid, and the unique CatchLatch retention system secures the lid in a simple but surprisingly functional manner.

Construction and Assembly

Injection-molded from UV stabilized polymers, the BlackPak Pro will last for many years, even in harsh marine environments. The ultra-stiff panels utilize a rib structure that offers exceptional rigidity with minimal weight, while their interlocking joints ensure an intuitive, frustration-free assembly process. Interlocking GridLoc panels utilize a tongue and groove edge design to make assembly a breeze. Just press them together (they won’t fall apart during assembly) and install the (included) stainless steel screws using a simple screwdriver.

Rod Holders

The included six TetherTube rod holders with integrated but easily removable hook and tether systems ensure your rods stay put if things go wrong. Caged attachment points on both sides of the tube offer multiple hook points, and the oversized hook design is sized to attach directly to the shaft of your fishing rod if desired. The TetherTube rod holder mounts to the GridLoc panels using at least three of the four standoff pads, enabling several vertical positioning options. Mount them high for rods with long butts, or mount them low to elevate the BlackPak Pro into the HighNDry position. Additional TetherTubes are available for purchase as single and two packs.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
John Liu
Is this worth the price? YES!

I don’t think there’s escaping the question: is this crate worth the price? I watched all the YouTube reviews and wasn’t convinced at first. Then I bought the thing. I feel confident saying if you buy it, you won’t regret it. At first I was going to create my own kayak crate solution. By the time I factored in a crate, rod holders, and water proofing (soft sided insert), the cost was getting up there. I ended up deciding to spend a little more for this crate. It was definitely a splurge purchase. I am able to pack all the tackle I could possibly use in an outing in this thing. Plus, as I’m packing up for my outing, I put my fish finder, battery, beverages, and other stuff in here so I won’t forget anything when loading up my truck. I bought the 16x16 version for my Old Town Sportsman PDL 120 and it fits like a glove… a snug glove but it works. If it’s in your budget I would recommend you treat yourself to this awesome crate. It’s a little tedious putting the thing together but the final product is a thing of beauty.

Stanley Fairchild
Rugged with plenty of storage

It takes a few minutes to construct, but that's because its designed to stay together and provide all the storage needed for a day on the yak. Fits perfectly in my Ascend 133X

David Russ
Great Crate

Exactly what you are looking for for storage. Great price for the product.

Carl Phillpott
16x16 BlackPak

Purchased two of the 16X16 BlackPak’s for my OT Auto Pilot 136. These are built solid a give pleanth of room for tackle and additional storage. Great job on the all new BlackPak!!!!