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YakAttack Fully Loaded TracPak Combo Kit

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Fully Loaded TracPak Combo Kit, Two Boxes, Track Mount, Handle, and 3 Trays

This kit includes everything that comes with the standard TracPak Combo Kit with the addition of the Quick Release Handle and three interior storage trays.

Secure, quick access, and versatility were the foundational requirements when designing the TracPak. We wanted the ability to mount one or two storage boxes on a MightyMount or GearTrac, and with the TracPak, you can stack two boxes onto a single mounting point, helping save track space for other accessories. The TracPak features a quick release track base compatible with all YakAttack MightyMounts, GearTrac, and most other factory-installed kayak track. When attached to a track, the Quick Release Base features an array of slots, allowing for micro-adjustments in each direction of the t-bolt. This should maximize compatibility by increasing the locations where the TrackPak will fit on your watercraft.

If you would rather surface mount the quick release base, included are stainless steel screws for attachment on the BlackPak Pro, the deck of your kayak, or other flat surfaces. For surface mounting on anything other than the BlackPak Pro, a 1/8” drill bit will be required for the installation. Please use a handheld screwdriver and ensure not to overtighten the stainless screws.

Why would you need a ShortStak addition to your BlackPak Pro? Aside from the obvious, more space for more gear, the possibilities are numerous depending on your style of fishing. If you are like most anglers, your BlackPak Pro is loaded with anything and everything you might need for a day on the water. Sometimes, gear in the bottom of the BlackPak can be difficult to reach from the high-seated position of most modern-day fishing kayaks. Having the ability to build additional space, and gain quick and easy access to your most needed items is vital for anyone who believes in optimizing their efficiency on the water to increase their chances of success. Another scenario would be anyone using electronics and housing their batteries, live scope black box, and excess cables inside of their BlackPak Pro. Regaining that lost storage space is an upgrade that would prove it's worth on every adventure.

The stackable storage boxes quickly and securely snap onto the base and on top of each other. When two boxes are stacked on top of each other, you have the ability to not only access the top box, but you can access the bottom box. With interior dimensions measuring 8.375” x 5.375” x 2.375”, there are many ways to utilize this secure quick access storage box. From tools to terminal tackle, the TracPak is a unique and handy storage solution for both recreational and kayak anglers. This kit includes three interior trays for heighten organization, making your time in the outdoors more efficient. The trays are half depth meaning they only take up half the height of the internal space of the TracPak, so a single TracPak can hold up to two trays. Included are ten Stacking Tabs. When used these Stacking Tabs create the ability for a single tray to be suspended within the TracPak leaving the bottom open for miscellaneous storage of larger items. When the TracPak is closed a suspended half-depth tray comes in contact with the underside of the lid keeping items secure in each compartment of the tray. If you are using two half-depth trays inside a single TracPak then the Stacking Tabs are not necessary.

Sold as a two-pack of storage boxes and includes the quick release base. The TracPak is not waterproof or water-tight and does not float, so each storage box features an eyelet if you choose to use a leash for added security.

For enhanced organization, included are four white labels. These adhesive labels are designed to fit on the latch of each box and create an area to identify the contents inside each box using a permanent marker like a Sharpie. If you need replacements or want to have spare boxes, additional TrackPak boxes and the quick release base are also sold separately. Made from marine-grade polymers, the TracPak is designed for use in harsh marine conditions.

Fully Loaded TracPak Combo Kit

Fully Loaded TracPak Combo Kit Specs

  • Height: 9.00
  • Width: 6.25
  • Depth: 9.00
  • Internal dims of each TracPak Box: 8.375” x 5.375” x 2.375”
  • External dims for Fully Loaded Combo Kit: 9.5” x 6.5” x 3.625”
  • Fully Loaded Combo Kit Weight: 3.6 lbs
  • Weight: 3.4 lbs
  • Includes two stackable storage boxes, Quick Release Base, and four white labels
  • Includes track mount and surface mount hardware
  • Includes the Quick Release Handle and three interior trays (5x1, 1x3, 4x2)
  • 1x3 Tray = 3 Compartments measuring 8.25” x 1.625” each
  • 5x1 Tray = 5 Compartments measuring 1.5” x 5.18” each
  • 4x2 Tray = 8 Compartments measuring 2” x 2.5” each

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