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2023 Big Bass 250: Kayak Fishing for Bass & Big Money

2023 Big Bass 250: Kayak Fishing for Bass & Big Money

Hosts Johnathan and Travis recap the 2023 Big Bass 250 – a kayak-only fishing tournament with HUGE payouts and even bigger giveaways. Aimed at catering to the kayak angler, the Big Bass 250 is a bass fishing tournament for all levels of experience. With a guaranteed $10,000 payout for biggest bass caught, you are only one cast away from taking home a huge payout. On top of the fishing payouts, tons of giveaways are awarded, including fishing kayaks, motors, trailers, and tons of accessories.

We also address questions from kayak anglers across the country. In this episode we discuss adding a motor to a fishing kayak, the best way to mount the YakAttack Leverage Net, using your fishing kayak in cold winter waters and the best way to store your kayak for the winter. If you kayak fish for bass, the Big Bass 250 and this podcast can help you step up your game.

2023 Big Bass 250: Kayak Fishing for Bass & Big Money

Hooked! The Kayak Anglers Resource: What We Are About & Helpful Links

Hooked! The Kayak Anglers Resource is your one-stop resource for all things fishing kayaks. Watch, listen and engage with kayak anglers like you. Our experts cover everything from kayak fishing for beginners, fishing kayak accessories to fishing kayaks with a motor. Whether you are new to the sport or an experienced kayak angler looking to learn new tricks, the Kayak Anglers Resource aims to help every kayaker of all levels of experience.

Kayak Anglers Resource Online Commmunity

Do you want to continue the discussion with other kayak anglers? Check out our public community, The Kayak Anglers Resource, where you can ask questions of members who have real experience. You start the topics, ask the questions and learn from other kayak anglers with real experience. The best way to learn is to ask. “An expert is someone who has stopped thinking because ‘he knows’” – Frank Lloyd Wright.

Here are some discussions to get you started:

Additional Resources for All Levels of Anglers

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