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10 Kayaks for the 2023 Holiday Season: Fishing Kayak Gift Guide

10 Kayaks for the 2023 Holiday Season: Fishing Kayak Gift Guide

10 Best Fishing Kayaks to Gift This Holiday Season

Holiday shopping is one of the most exciting, and stressful, times of the year. Trying to find the perfect gift for that special someone in your life takes time and planning. If you've found us here at Eco Fishing Shop, chances are you have someone in your life who loves fishing.

Fishing kayaks provide a unique, intimate experience on the water. No matter where you fish or what species you target, fishing from a kayak is a challenge all anglers fall in love with. With so many fishing kayaks on the market, let's look at five fishing kayaks for all different budgets to gift this holiday season.

Vanhunks Mahi Mahi Fin Drive

Length: 11' | Width: 34" | Capacity: 407lbs | Weight: 79lbs

The Mahi Mahi is a smooth ride and takes little effort to get it moving. The fin drive navigates the Kayak forward, and with the quiet propulsion of the Fin Drive System, the fish will not hear you coming and will still allow you the element of surprise.

Less length means less weight to be peddled, yet the wide hull still secures plenty of storage space, which is ideal if you bag that big one. Other highlights include:

  • Two piece paddle with adjustments
  • Fin Drive System
  • Large rear & front storage
  • 2 Accessory track rails
  • Two integrated rod holders
  • Fish finder compartment
  • 6 scuppers with plugs
  • One deluxe adjustable seat
Vanhunks Mahi Mahi Find Drive

The Mahi Mahi is a smooth ride and takes little effort to get it moving. With ample storage, a quiet fin drive system and plenty of space for accessories, the Mahi Mahi is a great kayak for all around use on any type of water.


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NuCanoe Unlimited

Length: 12' 6" | Width: 41" | Capacity: 600lbs | Weight: 80lbs

If you value versatility and customizability, it is hard to surpass NuCanoe kayaks. NuCanoe's Unlimited is a canvas waiting to be painted however you see fit and is one of the most customizable fishing kayaks available.

Solo or tandem, paddle, pedal or powered, the NuCanoe Unlimited offers the ability to build out your kayak however you can imagine. At 41" wide, it has a massive weight capacity and offers stability that is rivaled by few. Lets look at some of the other features:

  • Plug & play ready for pedals, power, and electronics
  • Wiring access plates
  • Gear pod ready
  • 10 10" gear tracks
  • Bow & Stern ThruHull wiring ports x2
  • 2 flush rod holders
  • XL transducer pod
  • Rod tip holders
NuCanoe Unlimited

Truly unlimited in the way you can build and rig your kayak, the NuCanoe Unlimited is a perfect fit for someone who loves to tinker, build, customize and adapt to their surroundings. Start small with a paddle and have the option to upgrade over time. The NuCanoe Unlimited is ready to be built to match any water and any adventure, solo or tandem.


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3 Waters Big Fish 108 Pedal Drive

Length: 11' | Width: 38" | Capacity: 450lbs | Weight: 135lbs (without seat & drive)

The 2023 Big Fish 108 - the bigger pedal kayak featuring big time stability, comfort and convenience for those who seek big fish in bigger water! With a Cathedral trimaran hull design, the Big Fish 108 offers industry leading stability for standing and sight casting and pedaling through big chop.

At 11' and a capacity of 450 lbs, the Big Fish 108 is the pedal kayak for those who want to fish with confidence relying on its unbeatable stability - but don’t let its size fool you, the 108 is quick and easy to maneuver. Here are some highlights:

  • 4-way adjustable seat
  • Intuitive 8-ball steering
  • Beaver tail rudder system for quick response
  • Seat doubles as standing bar
  • Built for maximum stability
3 Waters Big Fish



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Wilderness Systems Recon 120 HD

Length: 12' 2" | Width: 38" | Capacity: 450lbs | Weight: 115lbs (with drive)

A confidence-inspiring fishing machine for both the novice and expert, the Recon is a factory-loaded boat that you can rig your way. With a fully customizable open platform, a lineup of revolutionary new features, and the freedom to choose the preferred mode of propulsion – paddle, pedal, or power – the Recon series of kayaks are the future of fishability.

The Recon 120 HD model comes standard with the tried-and-true, easy-deploy Helix PD™ Pedal Drive system. A supremely wide-open deck affords the angler an abundance of space, freedom of motion, and provides a rock-solid platform. Other highlights:

  • Customizable open platform
  • Helix PD Pedal Drive
  • Ample storage
  • Silent traction pads
  • Horizontal rod troughs
  • Rear-mounted transducer area
Wilderness Systems Recon

S.M.A.R.T. Hull Technology – Wilderness Systems' signature design approach that carefully and masterfully combines Stability, Maneuverability, Acceleration, Responsiveness, and Tracking to deliver the ultimate performance in all waters.


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Old Town Sportsman PDL 106

Length: 10' 6" | Width: 36" | Capacity: 450lbs | Weight: 76lbs

Making canoes and kayaks since 1898, Old Town is one the oldest personal watercraft makers in the country. With more than a century of experience, Old Town crafts some of the best fishing kayaks available to anglers on the market.

At a length of just under 11 feet and weighing under 80 pounds, the Sportsman 106 PDL can be brought to any body of water quickly and easily. This fishing kayak provides hands-free fishing in a performance kayak that's easy to maneuver and light enough to car top.

  • Stable DoubleU hull
  • Patented PDL drive with easy-docking
  • Superior seat with lumbar support
  • Overzied tank well
  • Two 18" accessory tracks
  • Dry storage
  • Universal transducer mount
Old Town Sportsman 106 PDL

With instant forward and reverse, the award-winning PDL Drive is the most reliable and easy-to-use pedal drive on the market from one of the most trusted watercraft manufacturuers in the United States.


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Jackson Coosa FD

Length: 12'7" | Width: 35" | Capacity: 450lbs | Weight: 107lbs


The Coosa FD combines the top-selling Coosa HD hull and deck layout with our innovative Flex Drive Mark IV System, which is uniquely engineered to retract the propeller into the hull when beaching or when running over submerged obstacles.

  • Huge rear tank well
  • Bungee-free (snagless) bow design
  • Molded-in rod tip protectors
  • Tons of gear track
  • Pass-through for electronics
  • New FLex Drive Mark IV
Jackson Coosa FD

The latest version of Jackson's amazing Flex Drive is faster, quieter, and more durable than ever before. The Jackson Coosa was built with every angling detail in mind.


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Hobie Mirage Outback

Length: 12' 9" | Width: 34" | Capacity: 425lbs | Weight: 103lbs

This fully-loaded fishing machine is built for every conceivable fishing expedition, whether you’re prowling the ocean for monster gamefish or stalking bass in your favorite freshwater fishing hole.

Hobie has advanced the sport of kayak fishing with Kick-Up Fins that automatically retract upon impact. Let's look at more highlights:

  • 180 Turbo Fins w/kick up technology
  • Vantage seating with lumbar support
  • Large bow hatch
  • 4 molded rod holders
  • Multiple accessory/h-rails
Hobie Outback

The extra-wide standing deck offers an improved casting platform and convenient vantage point for sight fishing, allowing for superior vision from above while the revolutionary Guardian Transducer Shield gives you multidimensional vision below.


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Old Town Sportsman AutoPilot 120

Length: 12' | Width: 37" | Capacity: 558lbs | Weight: 119lbs

Combining the stability and comfort of the Sportsman 120 with the Auto-Pilot technology is unlike anything on the market today. The Old Town Sportsman AutoPilot 120 motorized kayak leverages Minn Kota's Spot-Lock technology.

The saltwater-ready 45 lb. thrust 12V Minn Kota motor gets you effortlessly there and back.

Spot-Lock technology holds your kayak in position despite wind and current. Stay hands free and in place. More highlights:

  • Premium seating
  • Non-slip EVA deck pads
  • Four 18" accessory tracks
  • 4 flush mount rod holders
  • Thru-hull wiring kits & transducer mount
Old Town Sportsman 120 AutoPilot

With an extra large rudder for more boat control, a lift assist deploy and stow motor, large open cockpit and tournament-ready channels to secure a measuring board, the AutoPilot 120 sits among the top in fishing kayaks.


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Old Town Sportsman BigWater ePDL+ 132

Length: 13' 2" | Width: 36" | Capacity: 500lbs | Weight: 143lbs

Paddle, pedal or power? It is a constant debate in kayak fishing circles. Some are traditional, some like to be hands-free and some like adding a motor for more efficiency. Why choose one when you can have them all?

Old Town has introduced another first in the fishing kayak world. Meet the Sportsman ePDL+. Seamlessly switch between manual pedal, power-assisted pedal, or fully motorized cruise control, giving you the freedom to move on the water the way you want.

  • 5 speed power assist pedal drive
  • Rudder control knob
  • Transducer mount
  • Large storage
  • Battery included
Old Town BigWater 132 ePDL+

In it for the long haul? Fish all day with light to moderate motor assist. Need to get there quick? Crank it up and get there first. Need a break? Set it to cruise control and let the motor get you there. With motorized versatility at your fingertips, your odds out on the water just got a whole lot better.


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Helpful Guides to Help You Decide & Other Gift Ideas

It is easy to feel overwhelmed when researching fishing kayaks. You may be asking yourself a million questions. What kayak is best for rivers, or salt water? What are the different drive systems and what does each type do best? What accessories are important?

You are not the only one to have these questions. We have discussed many of these topics with both newcomers and kayak anglers with years of experience. If you are unsure about which kayak to get for your special someone, check out some of these resources to help you in your research:

Didn't see the kayak you were looking for in this list? Eco Fishing Shop offers many different kayak brands and models with FREE shipping. Shop our full collection. If you have any questions, we are just a chat button click or phone call away and would love to help you with any questions or concerns you may have.

You can also ask questions in our online community to get real first-hand customer experiences. Happy Holidays!

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