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5 Benefits of Fishing Kayaks Beyond Fishing

5 Benefits of Fishing Kayaks Beyond Fishing

Are Fishing Kayaks Good for Anything Other than Fishing?

Fishing kayaks are obviously great for what they named for – fishing. But maybe you are someone who loves kayaking, isn't that interested in fishing, or part of a family that has multiple interests. If you like being active, but you don't particularly care for fishing, is a fishing kayak worth the price?

Despite their name, fishing kayaks offer tons of features and benefits that non-anglers would find major benefits over traditional sit-in kayaks. Although the list could be far larger, we've picked our five favorite reasons fishing kayaks are still great even for non-anglers:

1. Comfort

One of the first things people notice when they sit in a fishing kayak is the comfort of the chairs. Sit-on-top kayaks often have adjustable seats that are elevated. They provide far more comfort for longer trips, adjustable back rests and many include adjustable seats forwards and backwards. Some fishing kayak seats swivel and have adjustable lumbar support.

Not only are the seats more comfortable, they are also easier to get in and out of. If mobility or joint issues prevent you from comfortable getting in and out of a traditional sit-in kayak, a fishing kayak alleviates that issue with elevated seats. The more comfortable you are in your kayak, the longer, and further, you can explore on the water.

comfort in hobie

2. Accessories Beyond Fishing

No matter the fishing kayak you choose, there are limitless possibilities for how you plan to accessorize it. Almost all fishing kayaks come with varying amounts of accessory rails, and brands like Railblaza, YakPower, YakAttack and One Objective specialize in building mounts and accessories for accessory rails. From rod holders, phone holders, camera mounts, sun shades, anchor systems, fish finders and even powered motors, your kayak is a canvas you can paint however you see fit.

While a lot of the accessories out there are geared towards fishing, plenty can be used for recreation. For example, Hobie makes a sun shade utilizing the accessory rails. Other accessories like tie-downs, cup holders, coolers, storage trays, and even speaker mounts can be modified to fit your kayak's accessory rails.

Hobie Bimimi

3. Explore Further & Get More Exercise

You may be thinking, "aren't all kayaks exercise?" Well, yes, but most traditional kayaks are only an upper body workout. By choosing a fishing kayak that has a pedal drive you can incorporate more muscles and spread the workload across different body parts. By doing so, you can extend your trips on the water.

Not only are pedal drives great for getting more muscle groups involved, they help you stay on the water, explore more, and find new areas. Areas previously thought to be too far or unreachable become manageable day trips without worry of fatigue. Even if you aren't fishing, spending more time on the water is always a benefit.

Exploring backwater areas

4. Stability, Storage & Space

Fishing kayaks all have far more deck, stern, and bow space than traditional sit-in kayaks. You can store more gear, stretch your legs, and even move around more in a sit-on-top fishing kayak. Sit-on-top kayaks typically offer a much higher weight capacity as well.

More importantly, fishing kayaks are built to be more stable, especially when standing. Even if you are not standing to fish, being able to stand and stretch on long days on the water can be a game-changer for recreational paddlers.

Many fishing kayaks come with built-in water-resistant storage hatches. You can choose what gear you bring with you and you can safely stow that gear away. You no longer have to stress about free-floating gear or personal items inside your hull. Larger weight capacities also mean not leaving any gear behind because you don't have space. With large bow and stern storage, you can plan for any type of trip.

Many of our customers use their fishing kayaks to camp. Have you ever thought about taking a river trip and camping along the banks on a weekend trip? These outings are far more possible utilizing the sapce and storage fishing kayaks offer.

5. Tandem Kayaking

Do you have a partner, friend, or family member you'd like to bring along but you don't want to, or can't, bring two kayaks along? Tandem fishing kayaks offer unique experiences for two-person trips. You can have tandem pedal drive kayaks or tandem paddle kayaks. If one person likes to fish and the other doesn't, that's fine too. Kick up your feet and relax while your kayak partner casts their line.

Some kayaks, like the NuCanoe Unlimited and Frontier, offer the unique ability to add and remove a second chair to function as a solo or tandem kayak at your choosing.

If you want to go on long adventures and you want to bring someone along, a tandem kayak is a great way to share your experiences with someone. And with the added stability, storage, accessories, and comfort, you and your partner can spend all day on the water.

NuCanoe Tandem

You Don't Have to be an Angler to Enjoy Fishing Kayaks

Fishing kayaks are stable, feature-rich and comfortable kayaks that offer many benefits to non-anglers. Their utility stretches far beyond that of just fishing. While they are designed with anglers in mind, their accessorry rails, elevated seats and propulsion drives offer unique opportunities for recreational adventurers.

Whether you are a novice explore, experienced camper, or someone who is simply looking to get on the water to read a book, a sit-on-top fishing kayak is still a great fit. You'll be on the water longer, explore further and enjoy your experiences on the water far more with less frustrations.

If you are a recreational kayaker and find yourself looking at some of our kayaks through a non-anglers eyes, you may have questions. Because everything is geared towards anglers, it may be hard to envision which kayak is right for you and the way you plan to use it. Do not hesitate to ask questions. We are here to answer them for anglers and non-anglers alike.

Ask Questions & Use Your Available Resources

If you find yourself overwhelmed or still unsure which kayak or accessories are right for you and your adventure, check out some of our additional resources. A great place to start is by joining our public community, The Kayak Anglers Resource, where you can ask questions of members who have real experience. Or, check out our YouTube channels for reviews and how-tos: Eco Fishing Shop and Kayak Anglers Resource.

Browse all of our blogs and Buyer's Guides to most of our brands below. To check out our full range of the best fishing kayaks and accessories we have to offer, available to you via free and fast shipping, click HERE. We are happy to help and answer any questions. Click the chat button, give us a call or ask your questions in the public community, we will be there to answer no matter how you communicate!

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Mark Ducept - February 20, 2024

Also kayaks,sit on top can be used for camera tripod bird viewing with binoculars and or cameras. Plus, just getting away from the crowd. I have fitted my first kayak with reel in anchor.stabilizers and water jug with tube for easy instant access anytime on hot days etc.I can anchor and fish tight line while enjoying nature and even nap.

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