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Boonedox Landing Gear Guide

Boonedox Landing Gear Guide

Boonedox Landing Gear Compatibility Guide

Boonedox has created some great products that make getting on and off the water extremely easy! Below is a list of different models of kayaks and the appropriate landing gear kits and components recommended for each. Boonedox recommends mounting the landing gear directly behind the seat.

Click HERE to learn more about the Boonedox Groovy Landing Gear Standard Kit!


128T Sit-On

  • Groovy Landing Gear Standard Kit


133X Sit-On

  • Groovy Landing Gear Standard Kit

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Bob - July 5, 2024

Is it wide enough to fit on my 3 Rivers Big fish 108, being 38" wide?

Justin McClanahan - February 6, 2023

Hi, Todd. Old Town does not recommend using the landing gear for a Topwater 120.

Todd Patton - January 20, 2023

Will the Boone dox landing gear adapt to my old town topwater 120?
Thank you

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