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Durable Inflatable Fishing Raft – The NRS Slipstream 96

Durable Inflatable Fishing Raft – The NRS Slipstream 96

NRS Slipstream 96 Inflatable Fishing Raft


If you’ve been searching for a durable inflatable fishing boat capable of following your catches through all terrains, the new NRS Slipstream 96 is for you. Gone are the days of cheap blow ups easily popping on the smallest of rocks. Manufactured using rugged PVC (polyvinyl chloride), including an additional layer of PVC as a frame wear patch to increase durability, the NRS Slipstream 96 can withstand any conditions.

Coming in at 9’5”, the NRS Slipstream 96 is a compact inflatable fishing raft specifically designed to fit in most standard truck beds fully inflated. If you don’t have a truck or trailer, no problem, the raft can be deflated for transport in smaller vehicles.

The best part of NRS Slipstream 96 is it was purpose-built for anglers. Previous headache-inducing snag and catch points have been reworked so anglers can fish without the frustration of untangling their lines from their boat. For anglers who love to stand, the EVA foam pad provides superior traction and grip, even when wet, and protects the floor from hooks, studded wading boots, grit and basic wear and tear.

NRS Slipstream 96

Anglers looking to attack fishing trips with a partner will find the extra room this fishing raft offers a great fit for them. At 4’11” wide, the NRS Slipstream 96 has a 4" drop-stitch floor that provides a super stable platform. And, if you find yourself chasing your trophies into shallow rapids, the Slipstream 96 is whitewater rapids ready with shallow water draft capability.

Worried about standing stability in an inflatable fishing raft, especially in rough or choppy waters? You’ll find the included thigh braces for both anglers provide the extra stability to stand with confidence. Perfectly placed at the bow and stern, each angler has a thigh brace to hold them in place while casting and retrieving in bumpy waters. You can fish with peace-of-mind no matter the style of fishing you prefer or what waters you encounter.

A multi-purpose, lightweight, inflatable fishing raft for two that can handle every type of water you throw at it, the NRS Slipstream 96 is a great choice for anglers tackling calm to treacherous waters.

NRS Slipstream 96 Key Features

  • Internal Anchor System
    • 100% internal anchor line
    • 2:1 Assist Pulley
  • Integrated Fishing Accessories
    • Dual rod holders
    • Bow & Stern thigh braces
  • Rowing Performance
  • Reduced weight with no casting platforms
  • Eliminated snag lines
NRS Slipstream 96 Fishing Raft

Price: $4,495

Have more questions? Contact our sales team at or 1-844-987-5777. If you want to meet people with kayak and experience or ask questions to people also in your shoes, check out our public forum Hooked! The Kayak Anglers Resource.

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