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Grow Your Kayak Fishing Following

Grow Your Kayak Fishing Following

Submit Your Experiences & Follow Others'

Let's just get right to it. If you have photos or videos you want to share, submit them to us, and we will collaborate with you via our social channels.

Our Instagram (@ecofishingshop) and TikTok (@ecofishingshop) have a combined follower count of almost 62,000 followers. Sure having a large following is good, but we strive more for personal interaction.

If you'd like to share your experiences with more people be sure to share them with us using the form above and include your social handles. We will collaborate our social posts with you. Be sure to follow other collaborators as well to help everyone's reach grow.

We'd love for you to take it one step further and share your experiences with our online community. The Kayak Anglers Resource already has tons of great discussions on how to rig out your kayak, the best gear, fishing strategies and other DIY topics. Share your knowledge, ask your questions and get real answers from other kayak anglers.

Let's look at some of the first submissions!

Raymond Ramirez

Raymond Ramirez
Raymond Ramirez 2


"I started in a Compass, liked it. Purchased my PA 14 from Eco Fishing and now I love kayak fishing. I've been hitting waters that I couldn't with my boat, with far better success! In my kayak I have landed the biggest yellow perch of my life. I would have never done that on a boat. I'm hooked on yak fishing to say the least. I’ve been a Fly Fishing for about 20 years now. Within the last 3 years, my dad and I have expanded our passion to using fishing kayaks. This opened up fly fishing for us in a unique and exciting way. So much so, that I started my own guide service offering Guided Kayak Fly Fishing."

Larry Grossman

Larry Grossman 1
Larry Grossman 2


"I fish the Western Florida Panhandle and the Forgotten Coast areas of Florida, often by kayak. I chase everything from Largemouth Bass to Redfish to Tarpon. I live on a creek with deep water access to the Bays and Gulf of Mexico in South of Tallahassee. The Kayak is the absolute most stealth way to access and fish much of this inshore area. I bought the malone Eco-Lyte kayak trailer for my Native Titan 12. Once assembled, I was not comfortable with how much overhang there was on the nose because the bumpers or runners do not work well on a Titan hull. I ended using the runners more as centering guides along the sides of the kayak. I purchased an extra arm (78" Sport Utility Trailer part) and added that and the picture below is the result. Works great!"

Steve Newsome

Steve Newsome
Steve Newsome


"I started back fishing a few years ago in a canoe with my wife. I upgraded to a fishing kayak soon after with the addition of a tandem kayak also. This year I’ve entered a couple of tournaments one of which I’m leading as of now next year I hope to fish a trail series in a local club."

Submit Your Photos/Videos & Collaborate With Us On Social

If you have photos or videos you'd like to share and would like to grow your following, submit your experiences with us and we'll help share them with our following. Let's work together to grow the sport and showcase what kayak fishing is all about across our great country.

Be sure to follow one-anothers accounts, subscribe to each other's channels and dive into further discussion on the Kayak Anglers Resource online community.

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