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2023 Big Bass 250: Big Payouts & Huge Giveaways

2023 Big Bass 250: Big Payouts & Huge Giveaways

2023 Big Bass 250 Kayak Fishing Tournament

Big payouts are no longer reserved for bass boat tournaments. 2023's Big Bass 250 kayak only tournament promises to grow in its 2nd year. Bigger payouts, more giveaways and more anglers participating, year two is set to be one of the biggest in-person kayak tournaments in the country.

One of the biggest misconceptions bass boat anglers have about kayak fishing is that there are no tournaments worth any real money. With $10,000 guaranteed (regardless of number of participant sign-ups) for the biggest bass caught, the Big Bass 250 is worth a shot for all levels of kayak anglers. All it takes is one cast.

Year one of the Big Bass 250 saw more than 100 anglers participate. Year two promises to have more, increasing the overall pool of money and giveaways. Check out how to get signed up below:

2023 Big Bass 250 – Year 2

October 28th, 2023. Year two of the Big Bass 250. Even though year one was a big hit and largely a success, we still learned a thing or two. Our second go-around aims to have more anglers, a bigger prize pool and even more giveaways than year one.

Whether you are completely new to kayak fishing tournaments or a seasoned veteran, the Big Bass 250 is for you. This year's tournament will again pay out $10,000 guaranteed for the biggest bass caught. It only takes one cast to take home a huge payout.

Payouts will also be given for anglers who place 1-10. The prize pool will adjust depending on how many anglers sign up. If all 250 spots are filled, payouts will represent the number in the flyer.

BIG Giveaways

Who doesn't love the potential for winning something just by showing up? Dealers and Vendors really stepped up their game for year two. Here are some of the giveways with more still to come.

Bixpy K-1 Outboard Motor Kit

Bixpy K-1 Outboard Kit


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Boonedox Rigging Stand

Boonedox Rigging Stand


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3 waters pistol pete cooler

Three 3 Waters Pistol Pete 25L Coolers


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Hobie Outback

Hobie Outback


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Malone EcoLight Trailer

Malone EcoLight Single Kayak Trailer


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malone hd-s cart

Malone Traverse HD-S Cart


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NuCanoe Flint

NuCanoe Flint


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power-pole micro anchor

Power-Pole Micro Anchor


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vanhunks elite pro angler

Vanhunks Elite Pro Angler


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Amped Outdoors Lithium Battery

Amped Outdoors Lithium Batteries (100Ah Shown)


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Other giveaways include multiple gift cards, tons of kayak accessories, tackle, DaBomb anchors, and more. You don't need to do anything other than sign up and check in to be eligible for these giveaways.

How Do I Sign Up?

Registering for the Big Bass 250 is simple. Here are the easy steps:

  • Add the Big Bass 250 to your cart and check out
  • Check your email for your TourneyX password
  • Create a TourneyX login if you don't have one
  • Login to TourneyX and enter your password in the Big Bass 250

Tournament Rules

Here are the rules as they stand (subject to change)

  • 5 fish limit
  • Launch: 7:30am
  • Lines in: 8:00am
  • Lines out: 4:00pm
  • Photo deadline: 5:00pm
  • Public launches only
  • Winners will be polygraphed
Big Bass 250 Learn More button

Big Bass 250

Learn More

A Look Back on the First Big Bass 250

Year one of the Big Bass 250 was a success. With tons of giveaways and big payouts, most kayak anglers that participated walked away with something. And those that didn't win still walked away with new friends, connections and an appreciation for a large, in-person kayak-only tournament.

Big Payouts

2022's Big Bass 250 paid out for places 1-10. Payouts were based on number of participants. With more than 100 entries, our first place winner took home $5,000. With more projected entries for 2023, the first place prize will likely take home an even bigger payout.

One payout that did not rely on number of participants was the Biggest Bass winner. Last year's tournament guaranteed (2023 will as well) $10,000 for the lucky angler who reeled in the biggest bass. One cast, one bass, $10,000. Chad Davidson had a great day of fishing and took home both 1st place and the biggest bass.

Big Bass 250 Payouts

Big Banquet

One thing we heard from many of the anglers was their appreciation for a large, in-person kayak-only fishing tournament. With so many tournaments held strictly online and over the course of weeks to months, kayak anglers don't have as many opportunities to test their skills in one day, live tournaments.

Unlike in-person boat tournaments, kayak tournaments boast a much more friendly and helpful environment. Although anglers are competing against one-another, there is a camraderie amongst kayak anglers to help one-another get better. If you're looking for a place to meet new anglers and learn new techniques, an in-person kayak tournament is a great place to start.

2022 saw a great turn out for the awards banquet. Dinner was provided and tons of great giveaways were given out while anglers shared their stories of success, and failures, over good food and cold drinks.

Big Bass 250 Banquet

Ask Questions & Use Your Available Resources

One of the best ways to learn about kayaks, kayak fishing and tournament fishing is to ask questions and share stories with anglers who have been there. Meet other anglers talking about kayak fishing and fishing tournaments in our public community the Kayak Anglers Resource. Here are a few conversations to help you get started:

If you don't see a topic you'd like, just start a new one and we will get you connected with members who can help. We hope to see you in the community and on the water for year two of the Big Bass 250!

Here are tournament hosts Johnathan Dominquez and Travis Randall talking about last year's Big Bass 250:

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