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Kayak Bass Fishing Tournament: The Adventure Series

Kayak Bass Fishing Tournament: The Adventure Series

Have you considered a kayak fishing tournament but have been too intimidated to take the plunge? If you’ve hesitated because you are a kayak fishing beginner and tournaments seem too intense, this may be the fishing tournament for you. Eco Fishing Shop Pro Staff member, Jake Hep, and Kayak Angler Drew Gregory join Hooked to talk about the Kayak Adventure Series.

The Kayak Adventure Series is a family-oriented three day festival with big prizes, food trucks, parties and educational seminars. The tournament even boasts unique prize pools like the “microbag” for the smallest 5 fish combo caught. Chasing big money? Don’t worry, this tournament is for experienced and beginner kayak anglers with large prizes and many giveaways. Check out the full video to learn more about it.

  • 1:00 Kayak Adventure Series
  • 4:50 Schedule of tournaments
  • 8:00 Format & weekend overview
  • 10:00 Saturday festivals
  • 12:00 Website
  • 15:00 For tournament beginners
  • 16:30 Tourney divisions
  • 19:20 Smallest bass tourney
  • 24:00 Family-oriented
  • 26:15 Inclusive tournament

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