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Kayak Fishing for Beginners

Kayak Fishing for Beginners

If you are new to fishing kayaks, you probably have a million questions going through your head. You have either gone deep into your research already, or have no idea where to even start. Either way, you've probably asked yourself:

  • What is the best fishing kayak for rivers?
  • What is the best fishing kayak for lakes?
  • What is the best fishing kayak for the ocean?
  • Which fishing kayak type has the most stability?
  • What are the best kayak fishing accessories?

The list is endless, and to be completely transparent, overwhelming. We understand it can be hard to take a retailer's word for it, but asking the right questions and learning from others is the best way to find the best fit for you, even if that means starting out small.

Our Hooked! The Kayak Anglers Resource podcast hosts, talk about everything they wish they had known when they bought their first fishing kayak.

  • 0:30 Where to start as a beginner
  • 5:20 Best kayaks for rivers & lakes
  • 9:50 Pros & cons of kayak types
  • 13:00 Propeller vs. fin drives
  • 19:10 Kayak stability
  • 20:00 Transporting your kayak
  • 21:35 Set your budget
  • 25:47 Start small
  • 26:50 Accessories

What to Look for in a Fishing Kayak

Kayak hull shapes, fishing kayak pedal drives, fishing kayak stability and what kayak fishing accessories you really need when you start. Using our own experiences, we share the mistakes we made and the things we wish we would have known when buying our first fishing kayak. There is a lot to consider when you are purchasing your first fishing kayak, such as setting your budget, how you will transport it, what accessories do you really need and how to keep from buying more than what you need.

Hooked! The Kayak Anglers Resource: What We are About & Links

Hooked! The Kayak Anglers Resource is your one-stop resource for all things fishing kayaks. Watch, listen and engage with kayak anglers like you. Our experts cover everything from kayak fishing for beginners, fishing kayak accessories to fishing kayaks with a motor. Whether you are new to the sport or an experienced kayak angler looking to learn new tricks, the Kayak Anglers Resource aims to help every kayaker of all levels of experience.

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It is easy to get wide eyes when dreaming of your perfect kayak setup. We see some of the craziest setups around in our line of work. But, those kinds of advanced setups with all the bells & whistles are not necessary for everyone. Sometimes, it is easier to take fellow kayakers' word for it rather than a retailers. That's why we created the Kayak Anglers Resource - a community of kayak anglers who share their experiences, ask questions and give honest reviews and assessments of kayaks and accessories. We can share our expertise until we are blue in the face, but a fellow anglers words often mean more.

Here a few great examples of how kayak anglers are helping other kayak anglers make better decisions on their purchases:

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John A Villa - February 10, 2024

Do you sell a tow behind trailer for canoes?

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