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Robby Bruewer Pro Staff Store


Robby has been exploring the life of an angler since the summer of 2021. He is all about exploring new waters and open to trying out new fishing spots no mater where they might be. Robby would love to go to Maine one day and fish for some big saltwater striper! Robby placed 1st at the KAMO- Pomme De Terre in 2022 and will be a memory he will never forget!

If you are like Robby and enjoy fishing lakes, check out his go-to items for being an angler on our EFS Pro Staff Team.

Robby Bruewer Store

Robby's Accessories

When it comes to tournaments, Robby always has a pair of fish grippers on him. You basically just need to be prepared for every possible outcome when out on the water and by having the right accessories, that helps you have the best time!

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