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With four different models to choose from, which NuCanoe model is the best fit for you? Here is our review of the NuCanoe fleet:

NuCanoe Flint: 

At $999, the 2020 NuCanoe Flint is the most affordable of the four NuCanoe models. With a length of just over 11ft, width of 33in, and weighing 73lbs the NuCanoe Flint is the ideal kayak for someone wanting a maneuverable kayak for small lakes, rivers, and creeks. Designed with the beginning angler in mind, the Flint can be doctored up with many NuCanoe accessories. The NuCanoe Flint comes standard with the Custom Height Pinnacle Seat and has a maximum capacity of 375lbs. 

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Nucanoe Flint

NuCanoe Frontier 10: 

For sale at $1099, the 2020 NuCanoe Frontier 10 is the most compact of the NuCanoe kayak fleet. At a length of 10ft, width of 39in, and weighing around 65lbs the NuCanoe Frontier 10 is a great option for someone fishing small lakes, ponds, and rivers. This compact boat packs a punch though and can handle up to 500lbs capacity. With a standing deck of over 20 inches you will have no problem standing for hours on end in this kayak. This Frontier 10 comes standard with the custom height 360 degree pinnacle seat. Be sure to take advantage of the customizability of the Frontier 10 with the numerous NuCanoe accessories on the Frontier models.

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Nucanoe Frontier 10

NuCanoe Frontier 12: 

For sale at $1299, the 2020 NuCanoe Frontier 12 is the most recognizable and popular NuCanoe model. At a length of 12ft, width of 41in, and weighing 77lbs the NuCanoe Frontier 12 is the most stable kayak. So don't just stand, walk & fish on the 20in deck. Known as the ultimate hybrid kayak, the F12 is ideal for anglers and hunters ready to take advantage of any body of water. The Frontier 12 comes standard with the 360 degree custom height seat and is the most customizable NuCanoe kayak that can be decked out in any of the NuCanoe accessories. Another highlight of the F12 is the ability to go tandem. With a maximum capacity of 650lbs the Frontier 12 gives you the ability to bring along your kids, furry friends, and significant others out on the water with you. The NuCanoe reviews on the Frontier 12 all back up how well rounded this kayak is. 

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Nucanoe frontier 12

NuCanoe Pursuit: 

For Sale at $1599, the 2020 NuCanoe Pursuit is the best combination of speed, stability, and space. At a length of 13.5ft, width of 35in, and weighing 77lbs the NuCanoe Pursuit is the ultimate high performance kayak. This kayak is ideal for lakes and larger bodies of water, but the streamlined body allows for the Pursuit to cut through waves and fast river water like a charm. Large lake and ocean anglers love the Pursuit for its speed and tracking ability. With a maximum weight capacity of 500lbs the Pursuit can handle all of your gear without sacrificing speed or space. The Pursuit comes standard with the 360 degree custom height seat and like the Frontier it can be customized with all of the NuCanoe accessories. The Pursuit is motor ready and includes internal rod storage.  

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Nucanoe pursuit


NuCanoe Pursuit Fishing Kayak


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NuCanoe Frontier 12 Fishing Kayak


NuCanoe Frontier 10 Fishing Kayak

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