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Crescent Kayaks Now at Eco Fishing Shop

Crescent Kayaks Now at Eco Fishing Shop

Crescent Kayaks Now Available at Eco Fishing Shop

Always looking to expand their lineup, Eco Fishing Shop is now carrying select models of Crescent Kayaks. Crescent anglers Drew Gregory and Jake Heppner talk in detail about the Crescent Shoalie, CK2 and K Craft kayaks. Learn more about each kayak model and what they can be used for.

Crescent kayaks are designed, manufactured, and assembled in the usa. Every crescent kayak is a product of countless hours on the water and in our manufacturing facility. Eco Fishing Shop is excited to expand their kayak lineup and offer more options to the kayak angler.

Crescent Kayak Lineup at Eco Fishing Shop

Crescent Shoalie Fishing Kayak

Length: 11'10" | Width: 34" | Weight: 77lbs | Carrying Capacity: 450lbs

The Shoalie combines our signature paddling performance and platforms with systems designed specifically for fishing. These systems help anglers efficiently manage their rods, paddles, tackle, electronics, and comfort on the water. This is a truly versatile kayak that caters to every type of angler on any waterway.

The Bow Rod Securing System by Rod Saver keeps your rods strapped down during transport. Rod Butt Stops keep them stationary in the cockpit. The front tankwell features our Thru-Hull Rod Locker for safe storage. Channels along the rails holster two additional rods with bungees.

The hull on the Shoalie is incredibly quiet with no hull slap in rough conditions. The medium rocker profile is agile in tighter water. Our bulbous nose adds volume to keep the bow riding high through rapids and surf. Additional volume to outside chines makes for quicker second stability engagement and greater stability. The compressed hull reduces draft for shallower water navigation. A Pronounced keel makes for excellent tracking/ straight paddling across all waterways.

Additiona features include YakAttack GearTracs throughout with additional GearTrac, dual YakAttack RotoGrip Paddle Holders, an Anchor Wizard can be flush-mounted on either side with rear channels for drag chains or an anchor, rear mounting points to accommodate a Power Pole without affecting the anchor channels and many more.


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Crescent CK2 Venture Fishing Kayak

Length: 13' | Width: 35" | Weight: 85lbs | Carrying Capacity: 600lbs

The CK2 Venture is a truly versatile, high-weight-capacity fishing kayak built on a proven Crescent platform. We created the CK2 Venture as an adventure-ready platform for those looking to explore further. This kayak is for big trips, big weights, big distances, and big ventures. The hull of the CK2 Venture features a full-length keel and rocker profile designed to track straight and glide through the water. A bulbous nose helps displace water when navigating waves and rapids. Since this craft was designed to accommodate large amounts of weight, the secondary stability is fully-engaged when loaded down adding confidence when standing and fishing.

The standout feature on the CK2 Venture Bow is the large, water-resistant bow cover with a paddle park for easy staging and a zipper pocket for your essentials. It's a great way to compress and manage a ton of gear. Dual YakAttack GearTracs provide forward accessory mounting points. A 6" Deck Plate comes standard with our nylon Kayak Catch Bag for additional gear storage and internal hull access.

The High Chair is fully adjustable and comfortable with an extra 2.5" of closed-cell foam padding. Dual Stash Trays, cupholders, YakAttack GearTracs, and ample room under the seat provide all of the necessary room for your gear and essentials.

The fore tankwell features dual YakAttack GearTracs with Vertical Tie-Down Loops and Cam Straps for securing coolers, BlackPaks, and more. The aft tankwell features dual YakAttack GearTracs with adjustable bungees for everything else you need. The pass-through features two MightyMount II's for additional accessory mounting options. The stern features our Power Plate which was custom designed for this model—allowing the mounting of a Power Pole or various motor options.


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Eco Fishing Shop is proud to announce the additions of these two great kayak fishing platforms. More models are likely to come, like the the Crescent K Craft, a low profile, shallow draft, and open layout into a lightweight, rigid platform. The K Craft is built for paddling, casting, and motoring. Loaded with features, this portable paddleskiff™ was designed to traverse lakes, rivers, and shallow flats along coastal areas. Infinitely customizable and remarkably versatile, the K•Craft is truly in a class of its own. Stay tuned for the K Craft!

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