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Kayak Fishing Motors

Kayak Fishing Motors

Electric Trolling Motors for Kayaks

Kayak fishing electric motors are becoming more and more popular. With so many options now available, owning a fishing kayak with a motor has never been easier. But, the biggest question is what electric trolling motor is right for your fishing kayak?

There are bow-mounted trolling motors, stern mounted motors, built-in mid-hull motors and drop through pod trolling motors. We help break down the advantages of each type, the complexity (how much DIY rigging is required for each), and the different price points. Adding an electric trolling motor to a fishing kayak can be a game changer. Let us help you find the right one for your kayak. Please drop us a comment on what you’d like us to cover on future episodes and subscribe for more videos! Scroll to the bottom of the page to view our most recent episode on Kayak Fishing Motors as well.

Trolling Motor Mounting Options

First, let's look at the three main types electric motors are installed on a fishing kayak. Typical kayak fishing motor mounts include bow-mounted, stern-mounted and mid-hull mounts or thru-hull pod mounts. A closer look at the three types:

Bow-Mounted Trolling Motors:

  • Bow-mounted trolling motors are installed on the front (bow) of the kayak. They are attached to the kayak's bow using a bracket or mount.
  • These motors are controlled by foot pedals or handheld remotes, allowing the angler to operate them from the bow of the boat.
  • Bow-mounted motors provide great maneuverability and control, especially when fishing in shallow waters or navigating through obstacles like weeds or rocks.
  • They are popular among kayak anglers who prefer precise control over the kayak's movement and positioning.

Stern-Mounted Trolling Motors

  • Stern-mounted trolling motors are installed on the back (stern) of the kayak. They typically replace the kayak's rudder entirely or attach to the kayak's rudder using a mounting bracket.
  • These motors can be controlled using hand-operated tillers or remote controls. Kayak's with foot controls for the rudder can steer the kayak using foot pedals or their hand rudder control depending on how the motor is mounted.
  • Stern-mounted motors are often preferred for their simplicity and ease of installation. They are a great option for kayak anglers looking to save space (bow mounted motors can be in the way when in the stowed position).

Thru-Hull or Mid-Hull Trolling Motors

  • Some kayaks, like the Old Town AutoPilot and MinnKota, come with plug and play drop through motors in the deck of your kayak.
  • After-market motors, like the Bixpy K-1, use brackets to drop though any kayak that has an open hull for a pedal drive.
  • Utulizing a drop-through motor, like the Bixpy, can free space, is more accessable for boat control and can be swapped out for the kayak's existing pedal drive should something go wrong.

Watch the full video below to see these motors in action and for a more in-depth explanation of each, including pros & cons of each.

Kayak Fishing Motors

Torqeedo Travel Trolling Motor

Torqeedo Travel Ultralight Trolling Motor

The Travel UL, an 1100W, 3 HP-equivalent direct drive motor, cleanly, quietly and easily powers your adventures courtesy of its 1080 Wh lithium-ion battery, a fast, 180 W charger, and an innovative kayak mount. The weedless prop powers through vegetation and gets you to your secret spots.


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Torqeedo Ultralight 1103AC

Torqeedo Ultralight 1103AC

The whisper-quiet, direct-drive Ultralight 1103 AC comes with the innovative angler mount and all the hightech features you’ve come to expect: GPS built-in, realtime range and runtime display, solar charging, superior safety and performance, and the latest lithium battery technology.


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Bixpy K-1 Angler Pro Outboard

Bixpy K-1 Angler Pro Outboard Kit

The K-1 Angler Pro Outboard Kit™ combines the awesome power of the Bixpy K-1 Motor, with 38lb of thrust, and the finely tuned, waterproof, wireless PP-768 Outboard Battery. Whether you want to motorize your kayak, canoe, paddle board, float tube, dinghy, inflatable pack-raft, or any number of other small watercraft, the Bixpy Outboard Kit is your answer.


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MotorGuide Xi3 Trolling Motor

MotorGuide Xi3 Freshwater Kayak Trolling Motor

Its lightweight design and SecureStep system make it simple to stow and deploy the motor, even from a seated position. You can expect easy Stow and Deploying, The large SecureStep lever allows fishermen to quickly and easily stow and deploy, saving you time and energy as you bounce from spot to spot. You can also choose to add the optional Pinpoint GPS.


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Newport NK180

Newport NK180 Electric Kayak Motor

The NK180 brushless kayak motor offers excellent performance and power to any kayak angler looking to increase their range and catch more fish on fresh or saltwater. This brushless kayak motor is efficient with low noise and a direct drive design that allows you to sneak up on fish.


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Trolling Motor Accessories & Mounts

Each kayak varies in how you mount your motor to it. Depending on whether you choose a bow, stern or thru-hull motor, you will need an adapter or mounting bracket to mount the motor. Browse all of our adapters to find your best fit. When in doubt, ask us for direct help with your kayak.

Prices Vary

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