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Feelfree Kayak Buyer’s Guide: for All Water & Weather Conditions

Feelfree Kayak Buyer’s Guide: for All Water & Weather Conditions

Feelfree Kayak Buyer’s Guide

A good, reliable fishing kayak is a must-have piece of kit for any angler and one that can turn a good fishing trip into a great fishing trip. But before you rush out and buy just any old kayak, you should definitely consider Feelfree's fantastic line of fishing kayaks. Feelfree is one of the most well-known and well-respected fishing kayak manufacturers making a wide range of high-quality vessels and accessories.

Feelfree Fishing Kayak Features

Feelfree's range of fishing kayaks has a ton of various features that sets them apart from most other manufacturers in the industry. For one, their 3-year hull warranty and 1-year accessories warranty come standard with all their fishing kayaks - including any of their solo, tandem, or sea kayak options.

Gravity Seat

Specially designed for the Feelfree's Lure range mentioned in this post, all are fitted out with Feelfree's infamous patented Gravity Seat.

The Gravity seat is a thickly padded folding seat fitted with high-quality mesh fabric for optimal breathability. It features a longer length, width, and more padding than your standard seat found in many other fishing kayaks, making it ideal for extended periods of time on the water.

Feelfree lifestyle

Overdrive Pedal System

Feelfree is the industry leader in kayak pedal systems. Known for their ease of use, this new design will push the limits on what paddlers can do with their kayaks.Designed to be used all day long and to fit many of the different Feelfree kayak options. This new pedal system transforms your fun day on the water into a high-performance adventure.


Feelfree also manufactures a wide range of Feelfree accessories that come standard with the Lure range or that can be purchased separately. These range from super handy Uni Bars, to Beaver Tail Rudder Kits, and even a Feelfree Overdrive Motor.

Our Top Picks

FeelFree Lure 13.5 V2 Fishing Kayak

Feelfree Lure 13.5 V2 Fishing Kayak

Length: 13' 6" / 411 cm | Width: 34" / 86 cm | Weight: 107 lbs / (seat not included) | Carrying Capacity: 500 lbs / 277 kg

Longer and faster than the Lure 11.5 and 10, the FeelFree Lure 13.5 V2 takes stability, comfort and versatility to a new level. This kayak was designed for the kayak angler that doesn't want to sacrifice any inch of their yak. Speaking of inches, this kayak comes in at 34" wide and includes an extra large standing pad for added stability.

The Lure 13.5 V2 features a multi-use console that has an inlaid cutting board, a removable sonar and electronic pod for easy transducer mounting, and the adjustable gravity seat. Also included are the Uni-Track accessory rails, molded in crate recess, and fishing rod holders. If you want to keep building this kayak, it is Overdrive and Motordive ready (sold separately).


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FeelFree Lure II Tandem V2 Fishing Kayak

Feelfree Lure II Tandem V2 Fishing Kayak

Length: 14' 2" / 432 cm | Width: 36" / 91 cm | Weight: 105 lbs / (without seats) | Carrying Capacity: 500 lbs / 277 kg

Two complete cockpits with standing platforms, the Lure II takes no shortcuts in offering the best fishing kayak for two anglers. Each rider will cruise in comfort in FeelFree's patented Gravity seats and have a multitude of features at their fingertips.

Like other kayaks in FeelFree's Lure series, the Lure II Tandem comes with the Wheel in the Keel system, Uni-Track accessory rails, flush mounted rod holders and large tankwell storage. If you won't always have a partner, no worries, the Lure II Tandem has removable seats to configure for your solo trips. Should both riders want to be hands-free, the Lure II Tandem is Overdrive and Motordrive ready (sold separately).


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Feelfree Lure 11.5 Overdrive V2 Fishing Kayak

Feelfree Lure 11.5 Overdrive V2 Fishing Kayak

Length: 350cm/11’6” | Width: 86cm/34inches | Weight: 39kg/87lbs | Carrying Capacity: 193kg/425lbs

Feelfree's Lure 11.5 Overdrive V2 is the new standard in pedal kayaks. The Overdrive propulsion system provides effortless performance and outstanding tracking capabilities making it the most versatile fishing vessel that's currently available on the market.

This model has been redesigned with an eye towards stability, efficiency, and ease of use in mind. The Lure 11.5 Overdrive features pedals that have been designed to provide optimal forward momentum with every pedal cycle. This provides more efficient stroke power and less strain on your lower body while providing effortless speed and acceleration.


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Feelfree Lure 13.5 Overdrive V2 Fishing Kayak

Feelfree Lure 13.5 Overdrive V2 Fishing Kayak

Length: 411cm/13’6” | Width: 86cm/34inches | Weight: 48.5kg/107lbs | Carrying Capacity: 227kg/500lbs

At a length of 13'6", the Feelfree Lure 13.5 Overdrive V2 is a proven performer on lakes, large bodies of water, and the open ocean alike. It features a large openly designed hull with plenty of legroom, along with multiple storage options to keep all your favorite fishing gear close at hand.

Couple this with a wide range of adjustability options and you can see how easy it is to customize your new Lure 13.5 Overdrive V2 to suit all your paddling and fishing needs.


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Feelfree Lure II Tandem Overdrive V2 Fishing Kayak

Feelfree Lure II Tandem Overdrive V2 Fishing Kayak

Length: 432cm/14’2” | Width: 91cm/36inches | Weight: 48kg/105lbs | Carrying Capacity: 215kg/500lbs

Feelfree's Lure II Tandem Overdrive is a tandem kayak, ideal for two anglers who want to cover distance quickly and easily. The Lure II Tandem Overdrive offers effortless tracking, ease of use, and adaptability. With its smooth pedal drive mechanism and upgradeable pedal propulsion system, the Tandem Overdrive will see you glide across all types of waters with ease.

The Feelfree Lure II Tandem is also the perfect family watercraft with its generous carrying capacity and hull dimensions. The Lure has been designed to give you easy access to the water and will quickly help you feel at home on your adventures!


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FeelFree Dorado 125 OD Fishing Kayak

Feelfree Dorado 125 Overdrive Fishing Kayak

Length: 12' 11” | Width: 37" | Weight: 124 lbs | Carrying Capacity: 450 lbs

FeelFree's award winning Dorado 125 Fishing Kayak is a pedal drive kayak loaded with features. Designed for serious anglers, the Dorado 125 is built on a cathedral tri-hull for maximum stability and tracking. Wide-open, gear ready, and unlimited outfitting options the FeelFree Dorado was designed with the angler in mind.

Coming standard with the Overdrive pedal system, the Dorado 125 is fast and agile, and most importantly keeps your hands free for fishing. Loaded with features, the Dorado has integrated LED navigation and cockpit lighting, built-in battery box with integrated wiring system, beaver tail rudder, reinforced standing platform, a spring loaded deployment assist and many other features. For the serious angler, this kayak will be all you need to track down your trophies.


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If you’re going to be spending a lot of time on the water, a good fishing kayak, like those manufactured by Feelfree, will make a huge difference to your success. With the right kayak underneath you, you're sure to explore deeper waters, find better fishing spots, and catch bigger fish than ever before.

Whether you’re just getting into fishing kayaks or are a seasoned pro, check out our store where you’re sure to find a Feelfree fishing kayak that’s just right for you. All our products are available to you via free and fast shipping, to check them out simply click HERE

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