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Jackson Big Rig FD – Ultimate Multi-Purpose Kayak

Jackson Big Rig FD – Ultimate Multi-Purpose Kayak

A kayak fishing fan favorite has returned. Jackson Kayaks has brought back the Jackson Big Rig with the updated Mark IV Pedal Drive. Stability, agility, and rigability are but a few features that had kayak anglers clamoring for the Big Rig to be brought back.

Recently, we highlighted the Jackson Big Rig as one of the best fishing kayaks for the big & tall angler. Let's walk you through the Jackson Big Rig in more detail and talk about who this kayak is a good fit for and what water it functions best on.

Jackson Big Rig FD

Length: 13'3" | Width: 40" | Carrying Capacity: 550 lbs

The beloved Jackson Kayak Big Rig has returned, this time fully integrated with our Mark IV Flex Drive System. The Big Rig FD boasts an enormous capacity and is well-suited for lakes, large, lazy rivers and inshore saltwater applications. Bring all the gear you'd like - we're hauling it, with the Big Rig FD.

NEW for 2024! Jackson's EZ Hi-Lo (Patented) seating system takes comfort to new levels and allows you to raise and lower your seat with one hand. The latest version of our Flex Drive is faster, quieter and more durable than ever before.

Other features include four-hole bolt patter on stern for mounting, bungee-less bow design, rod management storage with tip protection, tons of gear track, and an included hatch bin for tackle storage in the hull.


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Jackson Big Rig Highlights

Storage & Rod Staging

Bow and stern storage hatches provide covered storage solutions for all of your important gear. The bungee system in the stern helps secure more gear and accessories like fishing crates, coolers or bags. The Jackson Big Rig was designed to carry lots of gear for all-day, or multi-day, trips on the water without sacrificing anything you need with you.

In addition to the in-hull and hatch storage, Jackson designed the Big Rig with built-in rod storage and organization as well. With multiple options for horizontal rod storage, you no longer have to leave any rods behind OR worry about them catching on overhead obstacles or your pedal drive. The Jackson Big Rig even has a molded-in fly reel holder and two built-in vertical rod holders.

Mark IV Flex Drive

Jackson is often referred to as one of the best river kayak brands available. A large reason why is the Jackson Flex Drive. The Mark IV is an updated version of the previous pedal drive and is quicker, quieter and more durable than its predecessors.

Where the Jackson Mark IV really sets itself apart from the competition though is its ability to retract into the hull. When you happen upon unsuspected debris or shallow water, the Flex Drive will kick itself up into the hull, making rivers less of a concern for a pedal drive kayak. Not only does the prop retract, but the Big Rig also includes a hatch with direct access to the drive, making cleaning debris off of the prop quick and easy.

Done for the day? The pedals pop off the top of the kayak and the propeller is stowed under the hull, which means you no longer have to remove the entire drive during travel.

Accessory Tracks Everywhere

An underrated, and often overlooked, feature of a fishing kayak is how much accessory track is available and where it is located. The Big Rig has you covered with accessory that runs much of the kayak's length. It even includes an accessory track behind the seat that adds both structural integrity and another spot for your gear. This kayak is ready to be built for however you like to fish.

EZ Hi-Lo Seat

One of the most basic parts of your fishing kayak can also be one of the main factors of how long you stay on the water. Your seat will make or break your day. A few attributes play a large role in how comfortable your kayak seat is: Elevation and adjustability.

Jackson's EZ Hi-Lo (patented) seating system allows you to raise and lower your seat with one hand. In our Big & Tall podcast, we talked about how important an elevated, comfortable seat is. Elevated seats also allow you to stand and sit much easier than a traditional kayak seat.

Thru-hull Wiring

Most anglers don't like drilling into their kayaks until they gain experience and become comfortable doing so over a long time. The Jackson Big Rig takes that anxiety out of play by including thru-hull wiring access for any electronics you'd like to add across your kayak.

Whether it be an anchor or trolling motor, you can run your wires through your kayak to your battery without drilling any holes.

Removable Rudder & Pre-drilled Mounts

Continuing with the theme of making things easy for the angler, the Jackson Big Rig comes with pre-drilled holes in the stern. This makes mounting a kayak motor or Power-pole quick and easy with very little DIY needed.

Another great feature is the ability to access your rudder through the stern storage hatch. Removing your rudder is as simple as pulling the pin.

Who & What Water is the Jackson Big Rig For?

Who is the Jackson Big Rig a Good Fit For?

In short, everyone. Whether you are a fly fisherman, open water angler, river angler, big or small, the Big Rig is built for everything and everyone.

However, if you are a taller, or heavier, angler, your options are limited. Fortunately, the Big Rig is one of our favorite kayaks for big and tall anglers. The elevated seat, high weight capacity and cockpit space make the Jackson Big Rig one of the best kayaks for a large angler.

Best Water to Use the Jackson Big Rig On

Lakes, rivers or salt water. The Jackson Big Rig is a longer kayak with a V-shaped nose that makes it capable of cutting through rolling water. The wide platform gives it stability in lakes and ponds. And the pedal drive, along with the hull shape, offers the ability to navigate moving water like rivers and streams.

The Jackson Big Rig is capable of holding anglers of all sizes on all bodies of water. When the Big Rig went away, anglers begged for it to come back. Jackson listened and brought the Big Rig back to their lineup better than ever.

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