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Old Town Kayak Fishing: The one-of-a-kind Hybrid ePDL+

Old Town Kayak Fishing: The one-of-a-kind Hybrid ePDL+

Old Town has been blazing the trail in personal watercraft for more than a century. Never satisfied, Old Town strives to perfect the fishing kayak and revolutionize what is possible in the sport. They have once again created a first of its kind fishing kayak. Intoducing the Old Town ePDL+. Built on the beloved Sportsman BigWater 132 platform, the ePDL+ is a one-of-a-kind hybrid pedal drive fishing kayak. If you are a kayak angler who wants the exercise of a pedal drive, but the security of a motor for long days or tough conditions, you no longer have to make a choice between the two.

Old Town's BigWater ePDL+ 132 is equipped with a pedal drive and a built-in motor and battery. Your pedal kayak can now function like an e-bike. Armed with pedal assist, cruise-control or all manual, the Old Town ePDL+ is a fishing kayak with a pedal drive and motor all wrapped up into one unit. Out for a long day and wind conditions change? No problem, the pedal assist can help get you through the chop and back to your vehicle. Are you someone who wants the benefits of exercise and a motor for long days but don't like the clutter of big motors and batteries? Not an issue, the motor and compact battery are integrated with the pedal drive and hull storage for less clutter and wires in your kayak.

Old Town Sportsman BigWater ePDL 132

Length: 13'2" | Width: 36" | Carrying Capacity: 500 lbs

The patented Old Town Sportsman BigWater ePDL+™ 132 is a power-assisted pedal drive that delivers unmatched adaptability. Seamlessly switch between manual pedal, power-assisted pedal, or fully motorized cruise control, giving you the freedom to move on the water the way you want.

Designed to keep anglers in the chase, ePDL+ combines pedal and battery assist to propel your fishing experience to the next level. With ePDL+ drive you have options. In it for the long haul? Fish all day with light to moderate motor assist. Need to get there quick? Crank it up and get there first. Need a break? Set it to cruise control and let the motor get you there. With motorized versatility at your fingertips, your odds out on the water just got a whole lot better.


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Old Town ePDL+ Highlights

Power Assist Pedal Drive

Propulsion control is at your fingertips for adjustment during changing conditions. The patented Old Town ePDL+ Drive is a power-assisted pedal drive designed to keep anglers in the chase with the most versatile propulsion options on the market. Easily switch from Manual Pedal mode to Power Assist mode with five levels of motorized assistance. The battery IS included!

If you run out of battery, or you don't want to pack your battery, your ePDL+ will function as a standard BigWater 132 PDL. This is referred to as manual mode. Should something go wrong on the water, your kayak will always have manual mode as a backup without fail.

Motorized Cruise Control

If you need a break, simply put your BigWater 132 ePDL+ in cruise control mode. Kick back and relax when you switch into Cruise Control mode while the battery-powered motor takes over. The backlit LCD display keeps your battery and assistance visible in bright daylight and with polarized sunglasses.

For really long trips or moving against current, cruise control mode can help anglers get through the toughest conditions while conserving their own energy. The ePDL+ drive is truly one-of-a-kind do-it-all pedal drive and motor.

Accessory Tracks & Storage Space

An underrated, and often overlooked, feature of a fishing kayak is how much accessory track and storage space is available and where it is located. Large stern tankwell is designed for a variety of crates, gear and coolers. The water-resistant bow storage hatch offers in-hull access and is a great place to store your gear that needs a bit more protection.

Also included is the pre-drilled shallow water anchor mount inserts in the stern. No need to drill and stress over properly mounting your anchor system. Simply install and hit the water.

Element Seat

Superior seat design has great lumbar support and is adjusted to accommodate leg length on a shuttle track. The mesh cover provides ventilation and drainage to keep you dry. The seat is easily removable for transportation.

Old Town's innovate track seating system is adjustbale length wise on the fly and without needing to stand up. It is as easy as pulling the two lock pins on the track and scooting yourself forwards or backwards.

Transducer Mount & Flush Mounted Rod Holders

Easily and quickly mount your fish finder and transducer on the BigWater 132 ePDL. Included on the bottom of your kayak is a molden in transducer mount protected by the the front skag.

Save your accessory space from rod holders by utilizing the many molded-in rod holders that are easy to reach but out of the way.

Additional Resources & Who & What Water is the Old Town ePDL+ For?

Who is the Old Town ePDL+ a Good Fit For?

Anglers who love the exercise of a PDL but also want to cover more ground and work against current are a great fit for the ePDL+. The benefits of manual labor can be combined with the security of motorized backup for when conditions change or you find yourself too far out with little energy. The Old Town BigWater 132 ePDL+ is also a great fit for solo anglers who want to fish rivers and don't have a partner to shuttle with. You can work your way up river with the motor assist and easily float back to your vehicle.

Also, if you are a taller, or heavier, angler, your options for a fishing kayak are more limited. Fortunately, the ePDL+ is a great kayak option for big and tall anglers. With a high weight capacity and ample cockpit space, the Old Town Sportsman ePDL+ one of the best kayaks for a larger angler.

Best Water to Use the Old Town ePDL+ On

Lakes, rivers or salt water. The design of the BigWater 132 ePDL+ is a longer kayak with a V-shaped nose that makes it capable of cutting through open water or tracking through river current and the pedal drive along with the hull shape offer the abilty to navigate moving water like larger rivers and deeper streams.

Old Town's BigWater 132 is a fan favorite of anglers who tackle big water with waves or skinnier water with current. The ePDL+ takes everything that was loved about the BigWater 132 PDL and improved it with an all-in-one PDL and motor drive to get you up river or through the waves without worrying about getting too tired for your return trip.

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