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Old Town Fishing Kayaks – Built With Passion for the Passionate

Old Town Fishing Kayaks – Built With Passion for the Passionate

Old Town Kayaks – Innovation for Every Angler

Old Town has been shaping adventure since 1898. From the first wood canoe based on the Penobscot Nation's design to the Sportsman 106 powered by Minn Kota, Old Town has spent more than a century innovating watercraft. Today, Old Town is the world's oldest and largest manufacturer of canoes and kayaks.

From sit-in, sit-on-top, paddle, pedal, or powered, Old Town has a wide range of kayaks. Whether you are a novice paddler looking for a pleasure cruiser or a professional angler aiming to take your fishing game to the next level, Old Town has you covered.

No matter the level of experience, once someone finds their way inside of an Old Town Kayak, they are hooked for life.

Jim Utt is a retired 22 year veteran in the Army. He and his wife, who also served seven years in the Army, still work for the US Military Police School as Department of the Army Civilians. Jim manages a Military working dog course for the Military Police School and his wife is the Human Resources Director.

Jim and his wife owned fishing kayaks once before, moved on from them, but both realized they missed their fishing kayaks. This time around though, they opted to join the Old Town family.

"After buying our bass boat we didn’t think we would use our kayaks anymore, so we sold them," Jim said. "After two years, we really missed fishing from a kayak. For us, it always seemed like we were more in touch with the water and nature fishing from a kayak."

"Talking with the Eco Fishing Shop Staff in Camdenton, MO, reading several reviews, and watching several YouTube videos convinced us the Old Town 106 and 120 PDL were the right choice for us," Jim says. "The wide, pontoon hull design of these kayaks gives them lots of stability and a higher weight capacity for bringing along extra gear."

Jim, wife and Travis

Although boats offer some advantages Jim says, like the ability to cover more water and carry more gear, those advantages don't take away from the perks of a kayak.

"Kayaks require minimal maintenance and most of what is needed can be done by yourself. After buying a boat you are still required to perform maintenance, pay for fuel, insurance, and registration," Jim says. "A kayak also allows you to get into shallow areas and can be used in locations where boats are not allowed or simply can't go." Jim and his wife are looking forward to planning out their next journeys this winter. They are excited to plan a trip to some of the lakes and rivers in the Minnesota and Wisconsin area next summer.

Jim's Old Towns

Old Town fishing kayaks are also a top choice for competitive anglers as well. Many members of Eco Fishing Shop’s fishing team operate from different Old Town kayaks. The journey to finding their permanent homes in thier Old Town kayaks were often years of learning.

“I’ve owned five different kayaks,” says Garret Reid. “I found my way to my Old Town Sportsman BigWater 132 PDL because of its stability, speed, and fishability.”

Garret added, “the PDL drive is also a must for me in a lake. The speed, boat control, and ability to be hands free – and if you are in shallows you just pull it up and it folds back towards the front of your kayak out of the way – are keys to successful tournaments. Especially with only 8 hours to fish.”

Garret says his best moment in his Old Town kayak so far was fishing at Lake Fork in the freezing rain in February and catching his personal best 6.7 lb largemouth bass. “Breaking ice off of my fishing gear in upper 20 degree weather in a bucket list lake was amazing.”

Garrett Reid Collage

Finding the right kayak for you can take time and experience. Sometimes it is trial and error. Other times it is learning from others. And, if we are lucky, fishing and kayaking can help you find more than just fish.

“I grew up fly fishing for trout,” Mason Brock, Eco Fishing Shop fishing team member, said. “Actually, I did that before I started river fishing in the same river as Garrett grew up in. We actually lived two miles apart most of our lives and didn’t know it!”

Mason ended up being one of Garrett’s high school baseball coaches and they eventually bonded over an Old Town fishing kayak.

“Garrett owns an Old Town Big Water 132 PDL,” Mason says. “I saw how it handled the home waters of Lake of the Ozarks and knew immediately that was the direction I needed to go too.”

Mason has owned three kayaks. Two of them are still Old Towns.

“I currently own an Old Town Autopilot 136 and a Topwater 106 PDL,” Mason says. “The stability, maneuverability, trolling motor, spot lock with the trolling motor, and comfort of the seat make Old Town a step above the other kayaks I’ve used.”

Mason Brock

When asked about his best moment in his Old Town kayaks, Mason had two.

“Using the spot lock to stay on a wind blown area and being able to catch two 6lb largemouth in tournaments was an unforgettable experience,” Mason says. “Also, the platform is big enough to bring my daughter with and getting to grow her passion for fishing and being on the kayak are absolutely cherished moments.”

Mason and Garrett’s experiences not only showcase how Old Town builds kayaks to conquer any situation, but how helping others in the sport get started is a natural progression of any kayak angler.

Mason Brock Collage

For most owners, an Old Town fishing kayak is more than a kayak, it is passion. They become part of the experience itself, not just a vessel to get you from point A to point B. Owners are eager to share their knowledge and to help other owners build out the best possible fishing rig. Educating fellow Old Town companions is a right of passage.

On the Kayak Anglers Resource – A public forum for kayak anglers to share and learn – Eric posted a question as a newcomer. “I am patiently waiting for my new AP delivery and can’t wait. I am a rookie and like a child on Christmas Eve! One thing that I have learned is there are numerous ways to set up the kayak. What is one accessory that helps you the most?”

With multiple responses, Eric was able to purchase the right accessories to help him be ready to hit the water the day he got his kayak.

"Okay finally the Kayak is here!!!" – Eric said. "So far the coolest mod came from MBrock with the seat mount for the Minn Kota remote!!! Also appreciate the advice on Bluetooth lithiums Minister Brian. Made sure before placing the order."

When thanked for the detailed information PakRat shared about his BigWater 132 PDL, his response was nothing but enthusiasm to help others. "Yeah, no problem man! I love helping people become more successful out on the water. That's truly what you gotta do, gotta adapt and try new things to see what works best," – PakRatKayakfishing.

Asking questions and getting advice from those who have been there before is the best way to learn any new adventure. Eric wasn’t afraid to ask and his fellow Old Town owners were eager to help. A seasoned kayak angler, Mason, learned from his friend Garrett and both are still eager to share their knowledge with others on the Kayak Anglers Resource.

Are you currently in a fishing kayak and looking to take another step? Are you just getting started and want something with a rich history and high-end features and attributes? Or, have you already purchased your Old Town and you are looking to learn more about your setup and how to best use it?

Check out some of these resources to help you on your journey, no matter what stage you are at:

"Don't fear the unknown. Embrace the opportunity. Failure is not permanent, it is the essence of learning," – Brett Wilson

Shop Old Town Fishing Kayaks

If you’re going to be spending a lot of time on the water, a reliable fishing kayak with lots of features, like those manufactured by Old Town, will make a huge difference to your success. With the right kayak underneath you, you're sure to explore deeper waters, find better fishing spots, and catch bigger fish than ever before.

Whether you’re just getting into fishing kayaks or are a seasoned pro, our lineup of Old Town Fishing Kayaks has a kayak that is just right for you. All our products are available to you via free and fast shipping, to check them out simply click HERE.

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