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2 Person Kayaks for Fishing & Recreation

2 Person Kayaks for Fishing & Recreation

You are reading this because you are searching for a 2 person kayak for sale, but aren't sure where to start. Is a 2 person inflatable kayak or 2 person fishing kayak better? Do you need a tandem kayak with pedals, or would a solo fishing kayak that can be converted to a 2 person kayak be best?

We break down the essential factors you should consider when searching for the right tandem kayak for you and your fishing partner, which include:

  • Body style (hard shell or inflatable) preference
  • Weight Capacity
  • Kayak Length
  • Kayak Width
  • Primary & Secondary stablity defined
  • Propulsion types

Scroll all the way to the bottom to see our top 2 person kayak choices in more detail. Let's look at some of the major factors you need to consider when searching for the best 2 person kayaks for sale.

Primary & Secondary Stability Defined

Primary Stability

This refers to how stable a kayak feels when you're sitting flat on calm water. A kayak with good primary stability will feel steady and balanced, making it easier to get in and out of and to paddle in a straight line. Think of it as the initial stability of the kayak when you're just sitting still.

Secondary Stability

Secondary stability comes into play when the kayak is tilted or leaned to one side. It's about how stable the kayak feels when it's leaned over, such as when you're making a turn or dealing with choppy water. A kayak with good secondary stability will resist tipping over even when it's tilted at a significant angle.

In a fishing kayak, both primary and secondary stability are crucial. Good primary stability provides a stable platform for activities like casting, reeling in fish, or standing up to get a better view. Meanwhile, good secondary stability ensures that the kayak remains stable and won't suddenly tip over if you lean to the side while fighting a fish or navigating rough waters. Balancing these two types of stability is key to choosing a kayak that suits your fishing needs and preferences.

Two Main Body Types for Tandem Kayaks

Hard Shell Kayaks

Hard shell kayaks, also known as rigid or non-inflatable kayaks, are watercraft constructed from solid materials such as plastic, fiberglass, wood, or composite materials. When it comes to recreational and fishing kayaks, solo or tandem, most hard shell vessels will be made primarily of plastic.


  • Hard shell kayaks are robust and can withstand rough conditions and impacts better than inflatable kayaks
  • They generally offer better tracking, speed, and control due to their rigid structure
  • Hard shell fishing kayaks often come with more features like storage & accessory rails


  • Typically heavier than inflatables
  • More difficult to transport & maneuver on land

Inflatable Kayaks

Inflatable kayaks are a type of watercraft that can be inflated for use and deflated for storage and transport. They are made from durable, puncture-resistant materials such as PVC, polyurethane, or a combination of multiple layers of synthetic rubber and fabric.

There are typically two main types of inflatable kayaks: Recreational and fishing.


  • Inflatable kayaks are lightweight and can be deflated, making them easy to transport and store. They can fit into a car trunk or a large backpack.
  • When deflated, they take up much less space than hard shell kayaks, which is ideal for those with limited storage space.
  • Modern inflatable kayaks are made from strong, puncture-resistant materials and can handle a variety of water conditions.


  • They generally do not match the speed, tracking, and maneuverability of hard shell kayaks
  • Many lack the "out-of-the-box" features like accessory rails & storage compared to hard shell kayaks

Fishing Kayak Drive Types

Before we break down the 24 Best Paddle, Pedal and Powered Fishing Kayaks, let's examine the different propulsion types available. Each has pros and cons and operates a bit differently.


A traditional-style kayak that is powered by using a paddle. If you are on a budget or want to spend more money on accessories, paddle kayaks tend to be less expensive than kayaks with a propulsion drive. Hull shape is important when considering a paddle-only kayak – kayaks with a V-shape hull, for example, knife through the water more easily and require less effort.

Pedal Drive System

Pedal drives allow anglers to propel the kayak with a pedaling system much like a bike. Pedal drives require full circular revolutions just like a bike that spins the prop. Most pedal drives allow for forward and reverse by pedaling in either direction. This can offer a big advantage when in tight spots. A drawback to propeller drives is they don't perform well in shallow water or in debris.

Fin Drive System

Fin drives, like pedal drives, are propelled using pedals. Two fins attached to the pedal system flap sideways to propel the kayak. Fin drives only require minimal pedaling strokes forwards and backwards. Fin drives don't require full circular revolutions and can be put flush against the bottom of the hull in shallow or debris-filled water. Fin drives are a good option for shallow water and for operators who may have limited joint mobility. Not all fin drives are capable of reverse movement.

Powered Drive System

Just like a fishing boat fitted with a trolling motor, a propeller-driven fishing kayak is outfitted with a motor. This approach to kayak propulsion is both great for quickly covering long distances and also keeping quiet while closing in on a prime fishing spot. Many after-market motors can be added to almost all fishing kayaks, but we'll focus specifically on fishing kayaks that come with a motor. All powered kayaks require a battery.

Kayak Attributes to Consider for 2 Person Kayaks

Weight Capacity

This is straight-forward. One of the most important attributes to look at is the weight capacity of kayak. A major reason a kayak can feel unstable is when the weight capacity has either been exceeded or is being pushed too close to the max. Exceeding the weight capacity alters the primary and secondary stability of a kayak.

Paddlers must consider more than what a kayak's max capacity is rated at. A general guideline states you should take the listed max capacity and times it by 70% to get your usable capacity. The 70% rule is not concrete, but can help keep you in the desired weight range to maintain your stability and maneuverability.

Considering the 70% "rule," you'll want to keep your combined weight as well as your gear weight in mind when searching for the right 2 person kayak for you.

Kayak Length

Kayak length does not always equal stability. The reason we mention length is for how much space each paddler will have. A longer kayak may provide more cockpit space for each person to stretch out a bit more.

When kayak length does play a role in stability is when taking on waves or wakes. Longer kayaks typically cut through waves and wakes a bit better than shorter kayaks. This is also when kayak hull shape comes back into play. Longer V-shaped hard shell kayaks may knife through current and waves better than pontoon-style or inflatable kayaks.

Kayak Width

Kayak width plays a bigger role in primary stability than kayak length does. When at rest, a wider kayak will feel more spacious and more stable. Wider kayaks are typically easier to stand and fish in than skinnier kayaks. As mentioned above, a narrower kayak with a V-shape hull will feel far more stable when in current or while moving.

A wider kayak will also offer more room to stretch out and more room for gear without the anglers feeling as cramped.

Best 2 Person Kayaks

Wilderness Systems Targa 130T Recreational

Length: 13' | Width: 36" | Weight: 99lbs | Carrying Capacity: 450lbs

The open design and intuitive multiple position seat systems allow for an optimal experience on the water with friends, family, pets, or even by yourself. The camp-style seat system delivers maximum comfort, and the elevated stern seat provides greater visibility when paddling. This kayak is loaded from front to back.

The hooded bow storage area keeps your belongings accessible and sheds water to help keep things dry. Integrated into the rear deck is a portable insulated cooler that keeps food and drinks cold for hours on end.


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Vanhunks Sauger Fishing Kayak

Length: 12' / 365 cm | Width: 34" / 88 cm | Weight: 71 lbs / 32 kg | Carrying Capacity: 595 lbs / 270 kg

Vanhunks' Sauger is their staple tandem kayak and is designed to be stable and extremely maneuverable, while remaining capable of carrying up to 595 pounds of weight. The wide-body design provides great stability for standing or casting, while the shallow arch hull allows you to paddle effortlessly in a variety of different water conditions. The VanHunks Kayak comes with two removable Tool Pods, which include marine-grade stainless steel fittings and a spare parts compartment.

Plus, with the addition of either the Vanhunks’ Fin Drive or Propeller Drive, the Sauger Fishing Kayak is completely accessible to those anglers that enjoy the option of pedal power or the assistance of an electric motor. So whether you are fishing solo or with a companion, the Vanhunks Sauger 12ft tandem fishing kayak is an exciting option that is sure to keep any fishing enthusiast happy.

Starting at $1,445

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Advanced Elements Airvolution2 Pro Inflatable Kayak

Length: 14'5" | Width: 37" | Weight: 52 lbs | Carrying Capacity: 550 lbs

With its unique all-drop-stitch inflatable construction, the AirVolution2™ Pro offers an outstanding paddling experience. This kayak is the ultimate combination of performance and comfort.

A rigid high-pressure drop-stitch kayak unlike any other, the AirVolution2™ Pro provides paddling performance that rivals that of a hard-shell. Upgraded for comfort and convenience, this recreational kayak features ultra-comfortable frame seating, an open deck design for ease of entry, extremely durable materials, and useful features such as an action camand accessory mounts. Simply unfold, inflate and you’re ready for your next adventure!

Starting at $1,749

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Feelfree Lure II Tandem Overdrive V2 Fishing Kayak

Length: 14'2" | Width: 36" | Weight: 105lbs (without seat & Overdrive) | Carrying Capacity: 500lbs

Located at the rear seat, the Overdrive unit is the only two-in-one system that offers forward and reverse pedaling, as well as power-driven capabilities when paired with the Motordrive (sold separately). The Lure II Tandem features one-handed rudder control and gravity seats for all-day comfort.

Both cockpits feature removable sonar and electronic pod, standing platforms, wheel-in-the-keel, a Uni-Track system for accessories and flush mounted rod holders. The Lure II Tandem can also be modified by removing the front seat to accommodate solo trips. The Feelfree Lure II Tandem Fishing Kayak can be configured to suit any setup a solo or tandem kayakers adventure can throw at it.

Starting at $2,899

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NuCanoe Frontier 12 Fishing Kayak

Length: 12' | Width: 41" | Weight: 77lbs | Carrying Capacity: 650lbs

Considered one of the most stable kayaks on the market, the Frontier 12 is the bigger sibling to the Frontier 10. Built for both anglers and hunters, the Frontier 12 is a hybrid sit-on-top kayak capable of taking on salt water, rivers, or even hunting in marshes.

At 41" wide, outdoor enthusists don't need to worry about stability when standing or transporting large game in the open deck. With NuCanoe kayaks, hunters and anglers have the choice to set out stripped down or rigged up with accessories. With four accessory tracks, ample storage, anchor line cleats, battery box home, and many more features, the Frontier 12 is a fully-customizable kayak that can accomodate tons of gear or even two paddlers.


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NuCanoe Unlimited Fishing Kayak

Length: 12'6" | Width: 41" | Weight: 88lbs | Carrying Capacity: 600lbs | Propulsion Type: Paddle, Pedal or Power

A kayak that was designed to get through any obstacle, the NuCanoe Unlimited's hull is built for speed, stability and to take on any water conditions. Ready for pedals, power, and electronics, the Unlimited is ready to be rigged out however any serious angler wants.

Featuring the new Tarpon Drainage System, a GearPod, watertight hull integrity, 22' of aluminum accessory tracks, thru-hull wiring ports and a transducer pod, the NuCanoe Unlimited is ready for any accessory. Other features include flush rod holders, tackle pockets, rod tip holders, and easy wiring access ports and plates. Build your NuCanoe in an Unlimited amount of ways!

Starting at $1,799

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NuCanoe Unlimited Fishing Kayak

Hobie Mirage Compass Duo Tandem Fishing Kayak

Length: 13'5" | Width: 35" | Weight: 92lbs | Carrying Capacity: 475lbs

What makes a kayak fishing trip better? Bringing a partner! The bigger sibling to the Hobie Mirage Compass, this kayak is built for two. Don't worry, one person doesn't have to do all of the work, the Mirage Duo is powered by two MirageDrives with kick-up fins.

One MirageDrive is 180 capable and the other MirageDrive has Hobie's Glide Technology. These drives combine to make this tandem kayak one of the most maneuverable and agile tandem kayaks on the market. Add in the Kick-Up rudder system and you and your partner can attack fish in any water conditions.

With added size comes added features. Extra storage space, sail mount, molded-in carrying handles, Lawrence-ready system, drink holders, and four rod holders are just the start of the features on the Hobie Mirage Compass Duo Fishing Kayak.


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Hobie Mirage Compass Duo

Hobie Mirage iTrek 14 Duo Inflatable Fishing Kayak

Length: 13.8' | Width: 44" | Weight: 45lbs (73lbs w/drives) | Carrying Capacity: 600lbs

This tandem inflatable pedal kayak has been redesigned with construction enhancements for increased durability and less weight for easy transport.

The iTrek 14 Duo is powered by two MirageDrives with Glide Technology and patented Kick-Up Fins. Its new design takes comfort to a new level with breathable nano-mesh fabric seating equipped with cup holders.

The iTrek 14 Duo comes with a wheeled storage bag designed for convenience with an extension handle, along with a high-pressure hand pump and electric pump, for quick and easy hauling, storing and inflating.


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Hobie Mirage Oasis Tandem Fishing Kayak

Length: 14'6" | Width: 33" | Weight: 96lbs (130 w/drives) | Carrying Capacity: 550lbs

Boasting a robust carrying capacity and storage, the Hobie Mirage Oasis Fishing Kayak is best-suited for adventurers looking to hit the water for a weekend camping or fishing trip.

With enough storage space to stock an outdoor shop, the Mirage Oasis is ready for long weekends on the water. Specifically designed for two, each rider has the MirageDrive 360 system which allows riders to pedal in any direction. Going long distance to get to your favorite spot? The Oasis Tandem provides ultimate comfort with the ultra-adjustable Vantage CT seating.

A large bow hatch, sail mount, double mesh stowage pocket, three 8" twist and seal hatches, and a rear cargo area make the Hobie Mirage Oasis Tandem Fishing Kayak hard to beat for long trips. Don't sacrifice any of your gear, the Oasis tandem has room for it all.


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Hobie Mirage Oasis Tandem

Neptvn Pro 400 Inflatable Fishing Boat

Length: 13' | Width: 47" | Weight: 77lbs | Carrying Capacity: 881 lbs

The tubular is divided into 3 air chambers: 2 for the stern and 1 for the bow, considering also another air chamber for the drop stitch floor the hull is divided into 4 air chambers. You will feel safe because Neptvn Pro 400 is virtually unsinkable on any water conditions.

When it brakes waves divide into 3 parts: 2 outside the keel and 1 channeled inside the hull; this allows for reduced friction on water, increase stability and maximize speed (25+mph with 10hp outboard motor).

Along the entire boat perimeter runs a super strong rubber reinforcement with a smart profile. In case of impact, the stress is discharged directly on this reinforcement without compromising the tubular. The hull bottom is reinforced with a super strong and knurled rubber: when you are on the water this ensures a greater grip in veer, when you are out of the water you could drag the boat on rocks and it will not be damaged at all.


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Neptvn pro 400

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